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Jan 16, 2012 03:29 PM

Destination Dinner: 2 hours from Bradley Airport

We are looking for a weekend away and can not decide on a location. NY, Boston, Southern VT, and Newport are out as they are are our go to places. We want to try something new.
We do not ski or do winter sports, we prefer to check out local shops and enjoy a great meal.

I thought that we would try and plan our getaway around a meal. If you were to recommend a destination meal (in a destination worthy of a weekend away) what would you suggest?

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  1. First thought goes to Northhampton, MA. Lots of shops and restaurants. I would stay at the Hotel Northhampton, take in a show across the street at the Iron Horse. Lots of great restaurants and bars, (check out "The Dirty Truth"). Check out their website and click on "Discover Northhampton to check out the area.

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      The hotel has crummy rooms as well as nice ones. you must call and talk with a real person about the room you want, ask a lot of questions re:size, bed , etc.

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        Consider staying at the Deerfield Inn. It is charming, the owners are lovely, and you can tour historic Deerfield Village (Ask a private tour of the silver collection) Northampton is close by for dining and shopping as is Greenfield. The butterfly place near Yankee Candle is actually pretty cool too.

    2. Maybe the Griswold Inn in Essex, and a side trip to Gillette Castle in East Haddam?

      1. The Old Inn on the Green in New Marlborough, MA. World class dining in a beautiful colonial era Inn.

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          I second the Old Inn! great great food (never stayed in any of the rooms so I can't speak for that)
          The Berkshires is less than 2 hours from Bradley, a straight shot on the Mass Pike, and there's lots to see and do. Great Barrington is close to the Old Inn, and it is a good town for walking & shopping, GREAT cheese shop Rubiners (albeit rude and very expensive), don't miss the Norman Rockwell Museum, about 15 minutes from town.

        2. More than two hours but I suggest Kennebunkport, ME. The White Barn Inn is a great place to stay and the restaurant there is excellent. Another restaurant in KBPT (a little less expensive than WBI) is On the Marsh. Also nearby is Portland which is a great restaurant town.

          1. I really think you would enjoy Old Inn on the Green. It is a great place, and, the restaurant is just wonderful. James Stahl, Wine Czar and all around genial host, will find THE perfect bottle for you. Also, there are movie theatres in Great Barrington--there 's a lot to do in The Berkshires in the winter.

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              Aikilou, thanks for the plug!