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Jan 16, 2012 03:29 PM

Can anyone tell me where to find a knish in la crosse Wisconsin

I moved up here from Florida and I can not for the life of me find any place that sells them not even at a store. I live in La Crosse and if someone could let me know if they sell them anywhere up here I would be greatful. Thanks, Shells.

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  1. I'll tell you where to find a knish in LaX if you tell me where to find lefse in Florida.

    Seriously, I'd bet 99.5% of LaCrosse residents don't know what a knish is. Maybe a church has a yearly fund-raising dinner that includes knish.....

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    1. re: DaKing

      I went on Mapquest and found one synagogue in Lacrosse, Congregation Sons Of Abraham. Maybe if you call them they could tell you where to find a Knish, (I don't want to print anyone's phone number on a message board.)

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        lol I didnt know what lefse was until I got here, and when I asked my first waitress for a bowl of grits she looked at me like I was an alien and goes "whats a grit?"

      2. There is a small, unmarked Kosher market in Postville, IA (about 65 miles). It's a pretty drive. They have had them before. I can check for you within the next few days if you wish.

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        1. re: Stan

          Stan, have you been to that store before? I haven't been for several years, as I found them to be a very dirty place, dust on the items on the shelves, etc. I couldn't find much appealing, and bought some Jewish candy bars that turned out to be VERY old and stale and discolored. I have no need to go back.

          Are they even still there, after all that's happened with the meat plant?

          1. re: rudybaga

            Yes, it's changed hands several time and now it's in a new location. It's small but they are nice and adding stuff. The meat plant is up and running, word is they are expanding the beef line.

            1. re: Stan

              Thanks. I'll find them and check them out next time I'm around. I would like to love them, and hope to find good stuff.

              But Stan, speaking of that area, you ever go to the Irish Shanti in Gunder for a burger? Supposed to be really good. I have not, but it's on my list. I don't usually get past Pete's in Prairie du Chien.

              Do you have any good recommendations for LaX or elsewhere?

              1. re: rudybaga

                I go to Gunder often. It's good. I've only been in LaX once so I'm not much help.

          2. re: Stan

            thats a bit to much of a drive for me, I depend on the bus mostly.

          3. SmileForShells,
            I feel your pain. Welcome to La Crosse, I live here too. And although we live in Paradise (though you may not think so with the weather right now!), we are definitely in the boonies when ti comes to ethnic foods. It seems all we can muster are Mexican and Asian places, or the typical bar food.

            You will probably have to go to Madison or Twin Cities to find what you are after.

            I guess try to take comfort in our wonderful fried fish and cheese curds.

            I can't help with a knish, but I did have blintzes for breakfast once at the Three Rivers Lodge in the Radisson Hotel. I don't see them listed today on their on-line menu, but they might still be there.

            But, hey, if you're new here, there is a place you've got to try, just 60 miles south, on a beautiful drive to Prairie du Chien. Just google Pete's Hamburgers there, and you'll find this unique place that has been selling just that one thing for over a century, and they are a smashing success, always a line and well worth the wait.

            They're only open in the summer, and we make the trip several times each year, and buy a half dozen to take home. We take separate containers for the burgers and buns, so they don't get all soggy and messed up.

            Local tip: They offer both cooked and raw onions. The locals order both on their burgers.

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            1. re: rudybaga

              Thanks, I am actually loving the snow, I cant get enough of it I hope it never stop lol. Well maybe alittle stop, just for some sun light. I do miss the beaches though, and fishing, theres a whole new way to fish up here for fresh water fish. I am used to salt water fishing, I am told its not the same haha.

              The first time I ate out up here I asked the waitress for a bowl of grits, and she goes "whats a grit?" And I used to work at Quillins in the village before the festival killed it, and the first time someone asked me where the puppy chow was, I said it was in the dog food isle. They started laughing at me like I was joking and I had to explain to her that I wasnt and another employee had to tell me why it was funny. Apparently puppy chow is a trail mix snack.

              Never heard of a cheese curd till I got here, they said fried cheese I was thinking Mozzerella stix, and I still havent had time to do october fest. This is now my second winter here and I still cant figure out how to built a snow man haha, my first snow fall I almost slept out side it was so beautiful, its like we live in a snow globe sometimes when its really thick snow flakes.

              I will probably never leave I am so in love with La Crosse, although I wish they would get a Dennys and a Chic-Fil-A, my favorite places to eat in florida, and so far the only places I really love up here are like Lendys and Toppers.

              1. re: SmileForShells

                Well, we've got a Checkers now, and they're big in Florida, I'm curious do you like them? I'd sure like to see a lot of new things here, starting with that good ole belly bomb, the White Castle. Also would like a Waffle House, they are a class act. But that's just chains -- I sure would like to see more ethnic foods offered here, a great Polish or Jewish deli would find me coming in every day.

                And some challah bread, and other good stuff. I was in Florida recently and REALLY enjoyed Einstein bagels, with their challah rolls and that extra delicious cream cheese spread they offer.

                Like I said, I love living here, but we are in the boonies.

                Hey, have you tried Marge's for breakfast? Drive by there any day and they are always loaded with customers, which surely tells the story. But you better go hungry, cause they load you up with potatoes, and they are good, the American fries especially. We always take most home, and they are great for some leftover meal.