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Jan 16, 2012 03:18 PM

Italian Olive Salad in Boulder area?

Hi - does anyone know where I can buy Italian Olive Salad for muffalettas in the Boulder area?


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  1. Hi! Did you ever find olive salad? I'm looking for the same thing.


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    1. re: whodat83

      With a username like "whodat"... of course you are. :-)

      I think World Market might have jars of it in their international foods section. Not 100% sure, though - I know they carry Cafe Du Monde beignet mix and chicory coffee, though, which makes for an awfully nice weekend brunch accompaniment.

      1. re: monopod

        Thanks monopod! I'll check it out. There are so many things I can't find that I didn't think of before I moved! I'm thinking Cajun Grocer is about to become my best friend;)