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Jan 16, 2012 03:15 PM

One of the Kind - Super 88 Allston

Picked up take-out and talked to the owner for a while about favorite dishes. I brought home two chicken dishes - my wife won't eat beef or pork. Both were quite good. Chongking Chicken and Spicy Flavored Chicken, which was very hot. The former is chunks of meat with bone. I also got fish dumplings, which were steamed and delicious hot. They have two sizes for many dishes. A small was pretty large.

I was pleased to find out stir-fried potato is the dish I miss: slivers of potato that are blanched and then crisped in a stir fry. It was one of Mao's favorites, along with the House Pork that comes from his hometown - mentioned because it's on the menu. I forgot to order it because I didn't have my reading glasses with me.

They describe the food as Shandong.

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  1. Tried the fish dumplings they were pretty good. This place has potential. The name does not however, it has to change!

    1. I'm pretty excited about this, if the Wisteria connection is true. And I have to admit the name has a certain baroque charm.

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            The chef here is supposedly the original Wisteria chef: I don't know if that means Wisteria House on Newbury, the first iteration of the spinoff stall here, or what.

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                The good news is that the fridge was already stocked for the new place. They just had to plug everything back in!

          2. Is the House Pork similar to red cooked/braised pork?

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              red cooked pork is the dish underneath "house special pork." it's called something like "cherry flavored pork" on the menu

            2. Maybe we're misreading the intention of the name: it's not a fractured version of "one of a kind", but denotes that they are one of "The Kind", some sort of Shandong cooking cabal. Or maybe they're just claiming to be nice people.


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                The font for the signage is called "Hobo Standard". It is sort of drooping in certain places. It threw me off as much as the name itself to be honest.

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                  They ARE nice people! At least the short-haired and short guy who was helpful and spoke good English. And the food is worthy of the name, at least so far. We ordered three dishes. The first, which they call Chongqing chicken, is largely unlike the dish of the same name elsewhere. Instead of being boneless, battered and deep fried, this was bone in and stir fried. We ordered it 加麻 (jia ma) and it was right on target--almost, but not quite, too numbing for a hard-core 花椒 (hua jiao) lover and just the right amount of hot. Our second dish was the house special pork, which is the usual inverted bowl of steamed pork belly, slightly sweet, served over a completely unusual (one of the kind!) filling of soft potatoes and chewy sticky rice. Our third dish was meatballs in a hot pot, which was an excellent rendition of a common dish.

                  These three dishes (using a 15% off coupon from the menu) set us back $27.25 and took us almost an hour to finish. Easily one of the best bargains in the local Chinese scene, and the food is entirely first-rate. The only shortcoming is the service on styrofoam plates with no serving utensils. Bring your own.

                2. Sob...they must be closed on Tuesdays. We "suffered" through Banh Mi, steam buns fromthe Dim Sum place, and a couple of Kantin dishes. Just thought I'd warn people not to go on Tuesdays.

                  Despite that, lots of tasty food throughout the court for the cost, and a huge bag of frozen Spaghetti Factory dumplings from the market to take home for future use.

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                    Yes, I noticed that this afternoon when I swung by Kantin to pick up some char siu to put in a fried rice: their hours sign says they're closed Tuesday.

                    1. re: bear

                      Now I don't feel so bad about sleeping till 8 and getting to S88 by 10:30 when everything was closed. Recovering from Arisia, sleep is more important than food.