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Jan 16, 2012 03:10 PM


I am catering a chocolate-themed party and am looking for hors d'oeuvre using chocolate or any dish that can be small-sized to be finger food.

I have great faith - you all are the very best resources that I know.

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  1. Cocoa roasted almonds - Samsclub sells these, maybe others. Basically almonds with a subtle chocolate flavor, without any obvious sweetness.

    Spanish style toast topped with melted chocolate, olive oil and salt (look on Food&Wine for 'recipe' from Adria or Andres).

    Iron Chef America presentation using mole poblano.

    Spain and southern Italy have a rabbit stew with a hint of chocolate that might be adapted.

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      I knew I could count on this site - thank you paulj

    2. Chocolate covered bacon, either as a nibble by itself or as a garnish on a larger hors d'oeuvre!

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        Lots of possibilities here - this would also be good finely chopped as a dessert garnish

      2. i would do a cocoa and coffee crusted tenderloin skewer with a balsamic glaze. maybe a bite sized piece of the beef with a roasted baby portabella and some balsamic... i might actually make this now...

        or possibly do the whole loin rolled in the cocoa and coffee, seared off really quick, then sliced super thin

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          I was thinking the same thing, but without the balsamic. To me, it would overpower the chocolate flavor, which can be subtle when crusting a roasted meat. Since this is for hors d'oeuvres, I would consider quartering the tenderloin lengthwise first, so you could have bite sized slices and good surface area for the coating. Also, as a play on the chocolate theme, how about a complementary flavored savory whipped cream to dollop on top? A little horseradish? cumin?

        2. could also go in more of a mole type direction as well. even something like two-bite duck (or chicken) mole tacos would be delicious!

          or, for a more subtle presentation, something cooked in cocoa butter might be a good play on the theme as well

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