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Jan 16, 2012 03:01 PM

50th in Paris

I guess this has been asked a bazillion times already, but I am looking for somewhere special to celebrate a 50th birthday (mine) in Paris in August. Preferably somewhere outdoors, but not sitting on the sidewalk. We will also have teenage daughters with us, whose gastronomic sense of adventure has yet to reveal itself - so nowhere too upscale. I'm guessing a lot of places will be shuttered for the month also. I would welcome anybody's suggestions......

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  1. I have no idea whether or not they are open in August, but if they are, Josephine, Chez Dumonet would fit your bill. And I bet your daughters would not scoff at their Boeuf Bourguignon!

    1. In 99 percent of cases, Terrasse seating means sidewalk seating. Outside of a number of MICHELIN restaurants, I can't recall any quality bistros situated in a bucolic environment. So if you want trees and grass, don't expect too much.

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        Not sure if any of these might work or, as CJ mentioned, are open in August: http://www.restaurants-terrasses-pari...

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          Somewhere special and gorgeous outdoor setting that's not a side walk and open in August: Le Grande Cascade. Not cheap but you only turn 50 once!!!

            1. re: mangeur

              Mine too, without second thought. In fact, I want to go now.

              However, there are some outside, non sidewalk options in the region -- Ducasse's La Cour Jardin, Cazaudehore in Saint Germain en Laye, and even that creperie on rue Daguerre.

              I doubt any of those will end you significantly cheaper than LGC, though, even though they technically are less upscale. (except for the creperie, which doesn't feel very celebratory). They're mostly courtyard restaurant, save Cazaudehore.

      2. An interesting idea for outdoor eating is "Le Chalet des Iles" in the Bois de Boulogne. it is a small restaurant located on a small island in a lake in the middle of this large park (you get to the restaurant via their little ferry). The food is fine, not leading edge or "the best" in Paris, but equally there is nothing wrong with it. It is great for an outdoor meal - it would be touristy if tourists knew about it - at a very reasonable price and I am certain the charm of the place would be fine for your daughters.

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        1. re: PhilD

          The place indeed oozed with charm but it burned down last year and was closed. Have not heard about its reopening.

          1. re: Parigi

            Yes, that was a wise thing to do.

            1. re: Parigi

              Are you sure it is closed? The website is up and running

              1. re: jmk38

                They seem to be taking reservations for Valentines Day and before.

                FWIW, The Chalet is part of the group that I suggested upthread. If it is unavailable, one of the others might work.

                1. re: jmk38

                  I am sure it burned down. No, I was not the arsonist. :-)
                  Just checked the website and it dose say it has "rouvert" (reopened), so you're right.
                  There are two Chalets des Iles in Paris. The other is very bad. Don't go there, literally.

                  1. re: Parigi

                    Parigi - the reference to "reopened" is a reference to the reopening after their extensive renovation it has nothing to do with a fire.

                2. re: Parigi

                  Parigi I believe you are mis-informed.

                  It seems an establishment with a similar name burned down The Chalet de Iles in the middle of the lake in the Bois di Boulogne. Here is the report on the restaurants blog dated 4 July 2011:

                  "While the Chalet des Iles has just reopened its doors, an homonymous establishment was struck by fire. Information circulating on this subject, are creating an unfortunate confusion between the two locations. We therefore wish to make things clear: Le Chalet des Iles – Bois de Boulogne is re-opened since Friday 1st July 2011 It has not suffered from any fire on the night of the 3rd ofJuly 2011 It normally receives its customers, every day, in a fully restored environment with a new chef in the kitchen: Filipe da Assunção We address a message of support to our competitors and colleagues, the Chalet Daumesnil. We invite you to come and enjoy an exceptional moment on our island."

                  Le Chalet des iles Daumesnil is also on an island but it is in the Bois de Vincennes. It did have a fire last year:

                  1. re: PhilD

                    Omg. You're right.
                    But I do want you to know I know how to read. :-)

                    1. re: Parigi

                      Did both places have a fire hence the confusion? A small one in small building at the chalet des Iles in March last year and a far larger one at Daumesnil a few months later?

                      1. re: PhilD

                        Would the one in the Bois de Boulogne be a good spot for lunch in connection with a visit to Musee Marmottan?

                        1. re: jmk38

                          It is but a short and pleasant walk (20 mins) away so should be good. If sunny the garden is nice, if not the inside isn't bad. Food is fine but not destination dining, it is the location that is wonderful - a real break from the hustle and bustle of Paris.

                          1. re: jmk38

                            Google map says it's a 44-minute walk, but I don't believe anything I read any more. :-)

                            1. re: Parigi

                              Thank you - I think we'll try this!

                              1. re: Parigi

                                Mine says 11 minutes - did yours include the swim?

                                Best to use the map on the restaurant website as the ferry goes from a little car park on the Peripherique side of the lake not the other side.

                                1. re: PhilD

                                  11 minutes? Sounds like the driving, not walking.

                                  1. re: Parigi

                                    Walking is 900m at 11 mins, driving is 1.5kms at 6 mins

                                    1. Head west on Rue Louis Boilly toward Boulevards des Maréchaux/Bd Suchet
                                    About 1 min

                                    2. Turn right onto Boulevards des Maréchaux/Bd Suchet

                                    3. Turn left onto Square des Écrivains Combattants Morts pour la France. About 1 min

                                    4. Turn right onto Av. du Maréchal Maunoury. About 4 mins

                                    5. Turn left onto Av. de Saint-Cloud About 1 min

                                    6. Turn right at Allée des Fortifications

                                    7. Turn left toward Chemin de Ceinture du Lac Inférieur About 4 mins

                                    8. Sharp left onto Chemin de Ceinture du Lac Inférieur, Chemin de Ceinture du Lac Inférieur‎

                            2. re: PhilD

                              the article I linked was obviously describing the Chalet des Iles. A Datcha in the middle of a lake in the Bois does not grow on trees !
                              This one even has a photo of the fire.
                              Well, obviously the Chalet has been restored.

                    2. If you order carefully (i.e., simply), "La Closerie des Lilas" might fit the bill. If not for the meal, it's a great place for a drink. They're usually open in August.

                      1. Restaurant du Palais-Royal in the arches facing the garden of the Palais-Royal has a nice setting, pretty good food and not too expensive. Open in August.