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Jun 11, 2006 03:50 AM

Favorite breakfast places-location doesn't matter

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What are your favorite breakfast places and what do you get there? It doesnt matter where it is. I am willing to drive a bit if the food is worth it.

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  1. Gourmet Cafe in Los Alamitos is worth it if you like pancakes. I ate there this morning and I had the select 4 items for $6.25. One of my choices was the apple pancake and it was amazingly tasty with whole slices of apples in the batter. No need for syrup, just a butter spread! Also, this cafe is a bakery as well, and their Boysenberry Cream Cheese pie is wonderfully light and not too sweet.

    5350 Katella in Los Alamitos
    (714) 995-8930

    If Los Alamitos is too far, the Santa Monica Sunday Farmer's Market dishes up some pretty great breakfast fare too if you don't mind sitting on the grass and people watching. A variety of plate-sized pancakes, oversized omelettes, and french crepes are just some of the selections there.

    1. The Original Pantry on Figueroa and 9th in L.A. Be prepared for a wait. On an upperscale I like the Pacific Dining Car on 6th St. in L.A. If money is no object then I like the Bel Air Hotel, the setting is idyllic.

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        Agree on all counts. I particularly like the swiss eggs, house made sausage patties (which are huge and perfectly seasoned, and the avocado and asparagus scrambles at the PDC (linked below).


        1. re: Hugh Lipton

          Wasn't impressed by PCD's breakfast offerings.

          Joe's Special (with hamburger) was bland though ingredients seemed fresh. Potatoes were nothing special. Egg white omelet was a giant circle of egg white with vegetables wrapped inside - like a burrito. Wheat toast was kinda hard. But they do accompany the toast with a platter of jams (strawberry, marmalade, apple butter) and butter.

          Service was nice.

        2. Classic favorite: The Original Pancake House in Anaheim on Lincoln west of State College. Wonderful pancakes of all sorts. The eggs and breakfast meats are great, too, and they have fresh OJ.

          New favorite discovered yesterday: Henry Moffett's in Bellflower on Lakewood Blvd. between the 91 and Alondra. "Country" style breakfasts including the best chicken fried steak and biscuits & gravy around.

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          1. re: Dorothy

            Agree wholeheartedly about the Original Pancake House (link below). Everything I've tried there is good, and their apple pancakes are sublime!


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              I generally don't believe in destination dining, as I there is usually someplace good within a few miles drive. I will, however, get up and drive in traffic for an hour to get to the Original Pancake House in Anaheim. There are two others, one in Redondo and another in La Habra, but they do not compare to the original. The apple pancakes will throw you into a diabetic shock, but it's worth it.

            2. Pop's in Santa Ana for a breakfast to feed six or ten on one plate while sitting at sidewalk tables.

              Pop's Cafe
              112 E 9TH St
              Santa Ana, CA

              The Omelette Parlor in Costa Mesa has good food and a unique decor. The omelettes are different from your ham and cheese. Good stuff.

              The Omelette Parlor
              179 E 17th St,
              Costa Mesa, CA

              Schooner or Later in Long Beach is also a fav. What screams breakfast more than bloody marys, sitting on the docks and eggs benedict?

              Schooner or Later
              241 N Marina Dr,
              Long Beach, CA

              This will be the only time you'll ever seem me say anything positive about Johnny Reb's, because other than this niche they plainly blow. However, that clarified, Johnny Reb's does a good breakfast with homemade sausage gravy.

              Johnny Reb's
              2940 E Chapman Ave,
              Orange, CA

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                oops, just noticed that this post is rather old, sory...

              2. LeRoy's, on Huntington Drive in Monrovia. Best breakfasts around. We eat there every weekend. They've been on TV for their pancakes and have been voted in various polls from local papers as "Best Breakfast" for several years now...enjoy!

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                  I finally got to try LeRoy's about a month ago (every time I drive by (around 9-ish on Saturday, I would get discouraged by the people standing out front since I was so darned hungry!!). I loved the waitresses and it was obvious that most of the people there were regulars. So great. Loved the bacon and pancakes and the eggs were cooked perfectly to order! Will definitely be back there soon!
                  Also, my other favorite breakfast place which I have mentioned here before is El Matador (about 2-3 blocks up on Huntington from LeRoy's, across the street from Burger King). They have THE BEST Chilaquiles I have ever had!! I get it with the chorizo. Apparently they have good Menudo on weekends as well since most the people in there are gobbling it down. Alas, I am not a Menudo-girl, so I stick with the Chilaquiles - with the eggs over easy on top. DELICIOUS!! ;-)