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Jan 16, 2012 02:14 PM

Providence quick reviews...

With all of the disappointing talk regarding the new Chapel Grill, I thought I'd pass on some (mostly) happier quick reports:

Duck and Bunny:
My wife had been happily several times and liked it. I went with her for the first time with low expectations for some reason (the name?), but I really enjoyed myself. VERY good crepes, with suprisingly subtle flavors, good drinks, a hip environment, and super-accommodating staff. The cupcakes were really excellent, with moist cake components and delicious cream-cheese based frostings. I'll be back there for sure.

I don't know why we don't go more often, because this visit, like all of our previous, was really outstanding. Everything we ordered was fresh, flavorful, and fun. For a consistent sense of specialness in going out to eat it's right up there for us with places like Gracies, Rasoi, Loie Fuller, and La Laiterie.

I hadn't been in some time, and others have been raving about it. The much discussed Nam Yaa soup is definitely worth the trip. Rich, deep, hot, and flavorful. Everything else, though, I felt was just average, with nothing bad, but nothing cravable. The street noodles, a favorite of many, didn't appeal to me at all, tasting flat and doughy.

This downtown location has a nice look about it, but boy does it close early. We were there at the end of their evening and it certainly felt like we were being rushed out of there by the staff. All of the flavors of what we had were strong and deep, but in both of our dishes there were ingredients in our meals not listed on the menu. If you have allergies, make sure to ask in advance. Also, does anyone else feel it's a bit pricey?

Their interior redo has been polarizing. Some love it, some hate it. Count us as thumbs down votes. It's slick but cool, almost cold. Definitely less warm and welcoming than the prior edition. And the bar is VERY prominent here. Tazza was very much the hip cafe before, but what exactly is it now? Is it a bar that also serves food? A restaurant with a big bar? A cafe bar? I don't know. Our desserts and drinks there were average, nothing memorable.

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  1. Thanks for posting this.

    I've only fairly recently discovered Ebisu, but have been extremely pleased. Not sure why it hasn't gotten more love here - I've only seen it mentioned once in passing.

    Sura: I've only ever eaten at the George Waterman Rd location. While I've always been very pleased, you're right that prices seem a tad high. Not high enough to keep me from going when I have a craving for Korean, because driving to Flushing takes a lot more time and money, but just a bit over what seems reasonable. What strikes me about that location, though, is it's fairly large, and every time I've been it's nearly empty, so I don't know how they stay in business.

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      Sura does not seem overpriced to me. The food and overall experience are much better than comparably priced Asian Palace, another escape from the hole-in-the-wall routine. Sure there is terrific Asian food to be had for less - under fluorescent lights and with disorganized service.

      If I were an Asian restaurateur, I would be cranky about all the Italian places that get $20 for their plates of noodles but when the Lo Mein gets near $10, everybody squawks.