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Jan 16, 2012 01:59 PM

Good cheap eats in Eugene OR?

I'm going to be relocating to Eugene by the end of February. By preference as well as budget, I have a thing for good cheap eats -- little unpretentious diners, mom 'n' pop joints, ethnic eateries, hippy-dippy cafes, that kind of thing. My tastes in grocery shopping run to much the same thing, with an especial eye for good cheap produce. Been catching up on the existing threads, and already seeing that unless there have been changes, I'm probably going to be making runs to Portland for pho (*sob!*) ... but what else is going on Eugene in this category of fooding? What's the local cheap eats thrill?

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  1. Having just come through Eugene on my way home after the Holidays, I would recommend Hop Valley Brewery Company in adjoining Springfield. Food is mainly "pub grub" but quite decent and the price won't break the bank.

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      Yay! A response! ... seriously, that's a good tip. Thanks!

      I was beginning to wonder if the silence was due to a scarcity of the kind of places I said I was looking for in Eugene, or a scarcity of Chowhound interest in that area. Does it help if I clarify that Springfield is fair game too?

      1. re: mizducky

        Try Yelping or Citysearching the Eugene/Springfield area, mizducky. You should get some good idea of places to try (or skip) from the reviews!


      This is a REALLY terrific place to eat although not in a fashionable part of town. That is, if it's still open. I've been unable to confirm that.

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        Hilda's has been closed for years. This location has had a string of good restaurants, though -- the current occupant is Humble Beagle, a nice low-key neighborhood place with good food and friendly (though sometimes slow) service. It's one of our favorites.

      2. Low end eh? I'd try...Newman's Fish Grotto for fish and chips, Noodle Bowl or Cafe Arirang for Korean, Toshi's Ramen, and Yi Shen or Vietnam Restaurant (both are mediocre but only game in town for Pho like soup). Delacata and Ume Grill food carts are decent. I must say I'm still having trouble adjusting to Eugene food scene after SF Bay Area and San Diego/LA. I go north once a month at least and once drove to Portland for dim sum and then got back in car and drove straight back to Eugene. It was worth it.

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        1. re: thirtyeyes

          Some good ideas, TE. And that would be both Newman's Fish Grotto on Coburg (with grill choice) and the "original" on Willamette, right? Slightly off topic and area, but where did you have dim sum in Portland? As the OP said, Portland's Vietnamese choices are terrific. And then there's always a drive north to north Salem for really good Mexican food!

          1. re: oregoncook

            Oh, now north Salem's reputation for Mexican food I did not know about. Very good to know.

            1. re: mizducky

              A Salem taco crawl is a satisfying way to spend an afternoon:


              I have other posts about Salem Mexican food that might be of interest.

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              For dim sum in Portland, so far Wong's King or Ocean City both are near 84/205. Ocean City is very slightly better but it is a dive. Wong's King looks much nicer inside. A little afraid to try anything else given the travel distance, a mistake would be a huge blow.

              I put Portland Dim Sum equal to San Diego's, behind Las Vegas and well behind SF Bay Area.

              1. re: thirtyeyes

                I agree with you thirtyeyes about Ocean City for the best dim sum in Portland. But as long as we are comparing cities, I must insist that the best dim sum (and every other kind of Chinese food) is to be found north of the border in greater Richmond/Vancouver BC. No comparison to anything down here, I think.

                1. re: thirtyeyes

                  I totally agree with you, Amecameca, that Richmond/Vancouver, BC is far better than what I've found in greater Seattle at least!

                  I also hate to waste a long travel, thirtyeyes, which is why I seem to end up at HA & VL for their most special, early soup when I'm in that area. I can't quite bring myself to try Ocean City - maybe someday.

            3. I like Toshi's, as another reviewer suggested. Also Laughing Planet is good for healthy burritos and bowls, and a nice vibe. Another good cart is the Cart de Frisco (at Oakway and the UO campus), which does excellent Thai noodles with chicken. They're closed in the winter, though.

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                Toshi is growing on me slowly, but it is a far cry from Southern California Ramen which can make you sing in pleasure at times. I would kill people for a Mitsuwa Market with a Santouka inside.

              2. The original comment has been removed