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Jan 16, 2012 01:51 PM

any new great restaurants, especially outside the French Quarter?

I am looking for any great new great places, probably for lunch. Uptown or anywhere near or on St. Charles Streetcar line would be best.

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  1. You can take the Red Lady to the intersection of Canal and Carrollton and walk a half block to 127 North Carrollton to Rue 127. A fabulous new restaurant operated by Ray Gruezke who left Le Foret to open this wonderful teeny bistro. Reservations are a must. Have been 3 times and it is fantastic!

    1. Went to Superior Seafood for one of their freinds and family dinners. It’s an interesting place. The design with the small tile floors and faux tin ceiling pay homage to the old school New Orleans restaurants. I would say the food was good. I had oysters with bacon app and the scallops entree and I tried a few of the other items that my companions ordered. Nothing was exceptional, but nothing was bad. The scallops were a little small for the price they would have charged. I bet they start out good and cut corners later. It’s a huge restaurant and I’m sure it will do quite well, especially serving raw oysters on the avenue.

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        Thanks for the info on Superior Seafood -- oyster bar should indeed do well.

      2. The July 2011 issue of New Orleans Magazine lists the following as the Best New Restaurants in NO: Dominique's on Magazine; Redemption on Iberville (the old Christian's);

        The Bistreaux New Orleans in the FQ Maison Dupuy Hotel; Cowbell on Oak Street; Feast on Julia Street; Ste.Marie on Poydras; and Mondo in Lakeview.

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          Dominique's is now under new ownership as Apolline. Dominique's will be opening up in the old Ebony Square building on Magazine between General Pershing and Milan, but I'm not sure when. It doesn't look particularly close yet.

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              I've heard good things about Root, the restaurant that replaced Feast, but I haven't been. Some friends sampled widely from the menu and enjoyed everything.

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                Is Rene Bistrot still around? I think it was located in a hotel previously?

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                  "Is Rene Bistrot still around? I think it was located in a hotel previously?"

                  It used to be in the rennasaince, I used to live across the street. No idea if its still there!

                  1. re: twyst

                    Rene Bistrot never reopened after K. MiLa is now in that spot. Rene is now chef at the Rib Room.

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                      Chef Rene recently left the Rib Room and, I believe, is working on a new venture. I don't have any details, though.

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            I was not very impressed with Redemption when I went last year. Superior Seafood is owned by the folks that own Superior Grill so I wouldn't send a visitor to the city to a chain, regardless of the fact it is a new member of said chain. That being said, they will make a fortune during Mardi Gras in that location.

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              Superior Grill and Superior Seafood are a chain from SHREVEPORT...enough said.

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. I'm so glad you asked. It's not uptown but Crescent Pie and Sausage is very good, VERY. It's a small place and does pizza, sausages (with homemade pickles which set everything off very well. The meats are done in house, which seems to be a trend. Everything good, service informed but not overly intrusive. I'd walk a few blocks to Angelo Brocattos for dessert-it's not new but if you've never been you will love it.

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                Went to Crescent Pie last nite, toward end of service. Over-ordered, everything quite good except the boudin on the sausage platter was ice cold. But only one link on there, not worth sending back to reheat. Had a nice flavor. Always enjoy the place, esp. the jambalaya and the braised pork shoulder sandwich.

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                  We had the platter as well. I can understand the temperature problem. There is a lot on it and it won't stay hot enough long enough to be stellar. I'll say something next time I'm there. On the whole I'd say it's pretty remarkable. The contrasts in textures and tastes (love dem pickles) was really well-thought out. I think they had haggis as well, which is very unusual. One of us had the pizza with fresh riccotta and it got good marks from my former boss who is a brick oven pizza builder and restaurateur. Thanks for the update Sanglier! I think I should say it's a come as you are sort of place as well.