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Jan 16, 2012 01:14 PM

Salt Cod and portuguese stores in Toronto


Does anybody know where to get salt cod downtown Toronto? and do you know where can I found some good portuguese stores here?

I've just arrive in Toronto last month and I would like to find a good place.

Thanks for any/all replies!


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  1. Lady York, on Dufferin or Fortino's at Lawrence Square.

    1. I've seen Bacalhau in many major grocery stores (filets in small plastic bags) like Loblaws and NoFrills. You can also go to any West Indian or Italian grocery. For the best bread, head to a location of Caldense Bakery. I love their padas and Pao Caseiro (although their coffee could use improvement)

      1. Go to Dundas Street at Ossington Avenue, and walk west toward Dundas at Dufferin Street, and you will cover most of little Portugal.

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          We usually get our salt cod at Tavora (st clair/caledonia or bloor/landsdowne). They sell a lot, so they have a good variety and price. Its also a good place to get anything portuguese including meats, cheeses, salted butter (mmmm), olives, etc.

          If you need more downtown, just walk along Dundas from Dovercourt to Dufferin and there are a couple of places there too.

        2. Kensington Market will have salt cod for you (try the west indian grocer or the fish stores).


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            Thanks guys!

            Just to give my feedback I went to Taborda last weekend and it is really nice, thanks for the Tip!
            They have different types of salt codfish and not really expensive! The one I bought was 6.99/lb.
            Plus, there we can find lots of other Portuguese’s products and the people there is also Portuguese!
            For sure that I will come back!