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Jan 16, 2012 12:04 PM

Spa Casino Restaurant seafood night - big disappointment

We have enjoyed the Friday night seafood extravaganza at the Spa Casino Hotel for many moons.
However, it has really gone downhill (same price $23.95 though.

What used to be a joyous Las Vegas type buffet - smiling waitpersons, jolly servers behind the counters has turned into a drab school cafeteria type experience And then there is the food Formerly there was a jumbo salad bar - no more plus a marvellous array of desserts - really pared down. The choices of food used to be enhanced by servers who would suggest items - now the trays are out and take your pick. No more servers behind the food counters except the guy carving the roast.

Very sad - used to be a great night out - not any more. I guess the down turn in the gambling has had an effect - but thats not the way to get customers to come back.

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