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What are the best bakeries in San Francisco?

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    1. Schubert's (birthday cakes), Stella (Italian cookies, pastries, and cakes), Victoria Pastry (princess pie), Boulettes Larder (exquisite cookies, tarts), Super Napoleon and Clement Bakery (Chinese). Love Tartine for cream pies and bfast pastries.

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            That place looks awesome. Do you know of any bakeries in walking distance from the Ritz Carlton?

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              Cafe Rulli in Union Square, though the selection is limited compared with their other branches. Brioche on Columbus. La Boulange on California, or Market.

        1. Liguria Bakery for the focaccia.

          1. Knead Pattiserie on 24th and Folsom (part of Mission Local). Small selection but extremely good

            Craftsman and Wolves on Valencia


            1. Don't forget Noe Valley Bakery!

              1. what kind of bakery are you looking for? Bread, desserts, cookies?

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                  Anything I can snack on while I'm in San Francisco. I just like good quality desserts.

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                    for fancy desserts try Chocolate Lab in the Dogpatch, one of the few pastry shops open past 8pm. Craftsman & Wolves in the Mission (it is very modern interpretations, some succeed more than others), Miette's (Ferry Building) for Macarons. Tout Sweet.

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                      Thorough Bread remains one of my favorites, and their baguette is my favorite in the city. Sandbox is good and has some Japanese influence. Craftsman & Wolves is cool and interesting and definitely worth visiting. I like Baker & Banker a lot from my one visit (the location isn't convenient to me at all). Knead Patisserie has great product, but attitude that I don't understand. I would not second Noe Valley Bakery.

                      1. re: Atomica

                        I agree with everything you've said and would add Arizmendi for cookies and muffins.

                        But do try Craftsman and Wolves' baguette; chewier and less classic than Thorough's. At Thorough, I recommend the purple baguette and chocolate bread.

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                          My favorite thing at Arizmendi is always the corn and cherry scone. So good! And of course the great chocolate cake at the 9th/Irving location. I will definitely try Craftsman & Wolves' baguette. I really do like most of Thorough Bread's output, though, not just the bread.

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                            Another vote for Arizmendi -- I especially like their pecan rolls and "Kookie Brittle".