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Jan 16, 2012 10:58 AM

Your best cupcake recipe please

If there is a thread started on this, I can't find it in the search bar.

Mods please erase if there is one already and forgive.

My husband asked me why I watch cupcake wars when I am not necessarily a cupcake maker.

I do make cupcakes but if I'd do them more often, my pants would split ;:+(

Today, for our dinner of roasted chicken with peanut sauce, baked taters and baked butternut squash with brown sugar/cinnamon/butter/salt/pepper... I'm making Michael Chiarello's recipe for

Vanilla Polenta cupcakes with mascarpone frosting. Although I typed it quickly as I was watching his show on TV and saved to my phone, this one listed may be same or close.

Husband doesn't like corn meal or cornbread so I'm taking a chance but maybe he'll enjoy these + the recipe just sounds good to me. Am sure I won't use the addition of the berries as he's not a fan and they'd just go to waste.

Do you mind posting a favorite cupcake recipe (TIA) unless of course it's already been done ;:+()

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  1. today it's a sullen grayish Sunday and though dinner will be mild and easy, husbands favorite, I've looked online to see if there's anything out there regarding cupcakes that may spark an interest in creating something I only do once in a while.

    so with the interest of something new looming in the wind, I'll see what this has to offer.

    came up with the first one I'll try, hubby loves Coca cola.

    if it works out and turns out to be a good cupcake, I will seek out more in that website.

    1. I have a few that I love --

      Vanilla Cake with Raspberry Buttercream: and for the buttercream, I just make a standard buttercream and add raspberry extract for flavor.

      Lemon Cake with Lemon Buttercream: and

      Pumpkin Cake (or can do Spice Cake) and Maple Buttercream:

      Bananas Foster Cupcakes:

      Chocolate Guinness and Bailey's Cream Frosting (note -- the frosting is pretty potent; if you're not a fan of Bailey's, I'd suggest a standard buttercream):

      Bacon Cupcakes with Maple Frosting:

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      1. re: ForFoodsSake

        hey forfoodssake, that's what I do often too, add a certain flavor of extract.

        but I have frozen raspberrys and blueberrys so I think I'd do it with a standard buttercream maybe add a little cream cheese to it and add the seeded raspberry's, sounds so good and fresh.

        husband would adore the 2X lemon as that's his favorite flavor.

        you caught my attention with the bacon maple ones, yum

        the coca cola cupcakes turned out great. hubby just had one to test and pretended he was Florian Bellanger telling me how the cake is very good, moist and has a good crumb. I'm like 'really, you're weird.' but he loved it.

        tomorrow I'll find the camera and take a pix of it then post.
        I've already got several of them tinned with lid and ready to travel with husband to work tomorrow.
        gotta get 'em out uh here or I'll be doomed.

        1. re: iL Divo

          Glad your cola cupcake turned out well! Every one that I've done that had a carbonated beverage involved turned out with a very light, airy crumb -- my favorite type of cupcake!

          The lemon cupcakes are my absolute favorite. If you're short on time and need a shortcut, Williams Sonoma sells tubes of Sprinkles cupcake mix, and the lemon cake one is very good! I have tried using fresh raspberry for flavor before (pureed and into cupcake and as part of icing) and couldn't get past all the seeds. When I give it a go again I'll try straining them to get the seeds out. Lemon cake with raspberry icing is also delicious.

          The maple bacon is quite good. I made them for a bacon-loving friend and was a little skeptical, but they are delicious -- breakfast in a cupcake :)

          I know what you mean about getting them out of the house. I'm not sure if my coworkers love or hate me for it, but my baking projects get largely bestowed upon them to keep me from inhaling them all on my own!

          1. re: ForFoodsSake

            since it's easier to stand today via Drs. meds, I'll do the lemon ones for hubby's dessert tonight. I have 3 Myers in the freezer that I've saved for just this purpose. I also have the juice of 12 in ice cube trays and the zest from those 12 also. Sometimes it's hard to get to moms.

            1. re: iL Divo

              disappointed in the lemon ones. not lemony enough. hubby didn't know what flavor he was eating, said they were good, but when I asked what flavor, he didn't know until I told him.

        2. re: ForFoodsSake

          Thanks for the tip on the vanilla cupcakes, above at The batter was quite yellow even without the lemon zest. Nice, light texture and flavorful. I think a very versatile recipe!

          1. re: greygarious

            you're duh bom........
            I really did do that but am not good at doing searchs on this web site.
            how to word it just right to get the results. it must not be a very hot topic as there are not many with several responses.
            thanks Gregarious

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. Chocolate cupcakes are always my favorite. I also prefer some filling in it.