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Jan 16, 2012 10:37 AM

Food to eat in hospital, postpartum

So I'm due with twins sometime in the next two to four weeks, and I have to (sob) stay in for 72 hours. I am not eating the hospital food. This is my third birth there and I still have post-traumatic stress from the last time I attempted to eat their cooking.

Our house is close, so some food can be run over, but my husband doesn't cook and will also be home with our two slightly older kids. I'm trying to think of actual meal-type things I could stick in the fridge and eat one-handed (or less than one had- how do you manage twins?), as well as muffins and granola bars. So, portable, one-handed, nutritious. and tastes good. Shelf-stable a plus but not completely necessary, as there is a small kitchenette with fridge. Manageable even when I've had no sleep and am completely hormonal.


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  1. Various sorts of "wraps" come to mind. Just pick whatever wrapper and fillings that you like.

    1. Yep on the wraps, filled with good lean protein: maybe rare roast beef with garlic mayo? If your husband can make it to the deli, so so easy for him to prepare. Drinkable yogurt comes to mind as a good choice. Nuts are good too, and peanut butter toast w/ a glass of 2% or orange juice. You can wrap lunch meat (best quality) around string cheese. You can buy some good soups (remember a can opener, unless the kitchenette is well stocked) and put it in a mug; nice and warm and filling. Dried-fruit scones are delicious, especially with a nice schmear of almond or cashew butter, Yum. Do you have the energy to make few casseroles and portion them out and freeze them? Maybe a tuna casserole, some pulled pork, a beef stew? If you doubled portions, there would be something at home too.
      Aw congratulations, babymama. I hope you can get some rest and enoy the New Life.
      Whoa, I just re-read that. This is your third birth? And you have two slightly older kids? Does that mean you've had two twin pregnancies. My goodness!!!!
      Oh, ok: tuna salad's an easy bet, chicken salad, whole wheat bread. You can make that in advance and bring it for the fridge. Hardboiled eggs to dip in more garlic mayo (unless you're nursing and the garlic can upset the babies.) Low-salt ramen cups, which I've had decent luck with finding them at Asian markets, brands that the supermarket does not carry.
      Best of luck, dear. Enjoy.

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        I have a four-year-old and an almost two-year-old. It's going to be royal chaos around here for some time. :D The older ones are both boys, the twins are girls.

        The food at my local hospital hasn't improved At All (I was in during November, for five days, for a pregnancy-related infection). We are stocking the freezer with casseroles, but I should probably freeze some individual portions for me- I' m not sure my husband will be up to anything besides scrambling eggs and ordering pizza, even sticking things in the oven.

        In my experience, the first three months are spent eating while holding babies. If I luck out this time, maybe can put the babies both down for fifteen-minute intervals while I eat. Maybe.

        1. re: lissar

          That would be ideal. (to the last line.)
          You are going to be so busy. Yep, definitely portion those casseroles out for you. YOU NEED TO EAT. If hubby can scramble eggs, have a packet of shredded cheese on hand, and some flour tortillas: fill 'em with the scramble, nuke it with cheese atop: fill tortilla (warmed) and top w/ prepared salsa. One hand, and breakfast is there. Oh, and the frozen pizza: does the kitchenette have a fridge? I'm thinking, when my son was in the hospital, it was a mini-fridge; no freezer, but if it DOES have one? You could bring some high-quality frozen pizzas, pref. on a wheat crust, and just bake and slice them.
          Boo on the hospital food. It does seem that the hosp. is not the place to get excellent nutrition nor great rest. Good luck.

      2. We got a steak dinner for two at one hospital. Our last was a birthing center, so no meals, went right home.
        You probably won't be eating while holding the babies, so I wouldn't worry about one-hand meals. Why not make it simple for everybody and throw in some microwaveable frozen dinners that you choose?
        Have you talked with the people that run the kitchen lately? Maybe you could request something in advance? I know that hospital food has improved over the last couple of years.

        1. Was hospitalized for a totally different reason (well, "new born" knees, does that count?) and before admission, went to a couple of favorite resturants and ordered to go dishes. Froze them, and had Mr. Pine bring them, re-warmed, to the hospital. Got lots of envious glances from the staff. The physical therapist even asked if XYZ restaurant was now delivering. Hey, with twins (plus the other little ones), you *deserve* to be treated well!

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            that's a great idea! very clever pine time!

          2. One of the smartest things I did was cook a whole turkey breast before baby #1 was born; available for sandwiches, heated up, or a piece just hacked off eaten over the sink when I was starving! Some individual shepherd's pies or chicken pot pie would be great...also good soup in aseptic cartons to nuke with a cheese and rye sandwich. I just recall being so hungry at the drop of a hat, and needed food NOW! Also protein. My sainted MIL also brought dinners, I remember cold oven fried chicken with a cold rice salad as being delicious. Small cartons of yogurt and fresh fruit salad is also easy to pre-prepare and have ready, or get from the salad bar at the grocery. I like the idea of take-out dinners frozen. Good luck.. I'm a twin, they'll have a blast with each other!