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Jun 11, 2006 02:21 AM


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Heard a rave review tonight of this West Hollywood "real" frozen yogurt joint. Santa Monica and Huntley (I think).

Anyone out there have anything to report. Sounded like a must-try...

  1. I would like to hear about this place also - just noticed that another is opening up in the TJ's plaza at Ventura & Laurel Canyonish

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      This place is awesome, the yogurt is absolutely delicious, my friend calls it crackberry. And literally since I have tasted it, I have not stopped thinking about it. It's "real" frozen yogurt. My favorite is the plain, topped with berries, but for your first time, I think you should just try the yogurt by itself. I just hope they open more locations soon.

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          'Crackberry' is a pretty apt comparison. I went yesterday, at first taste was taken aback by the plain yogurt's tartness, then wasn't sure if I liked it, then devoured the whole 8 oz. serving (+ berries). I brought my wife back today, and it was even better - she was just telling me, "I want more of that Pinkberry!". We live in Santa Monica, so luckily I won't be going all the time. But it is addictive, ymmy stuff, for sure.

          1. re: bixhenry

            You're in luck (or should I say "out of luck"?). Pinkberry is opening on Abbot Kinney soon.

      2. Do not go today unless you want to attend the Gay Pride parade starting at 11a.m. in that very neighborhood.

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        1. re: carter

          Thanks for the timely tip. You are a scholar and a gentleman. You just saved me 3 hours in traffic.

        2. this place is awesome, the plain yogurt is really tart as yogurt should be but my favorite is the green tea yogurt with the green tea shaved iced, it's so good and refreshing on a hot summer day. the shaved ice is definitely influenced by korean bingsoo, probably because the owner is korean. definitely check it out yummy.

          1. When I first this place, I didn't love it because it is not as sweet as the other frozen yogurt places and I'm not a yogurt fan. But then, as the days went by, I was addicted. I kept thinking about the place and trying to find ways to pass through West Hollywood just to have an excuse to stop in at Pinkberry. I love it now! Definitely try the Green Tea Yogurt.

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              dégoûtant fille

              I did a drive-by of the WeHo location 6 mos. ago, saw the unruly mob and thought, "I will never, ever subject myself to a line like that for a cup of fro-yo." Besides, there's no parking over there.

              However, I did see a Pink Berry 'opening soon' sign in Larchmont Village (btw. the newsstand and Noah's) and another in K-Town on (6th?) just a few blocks west of Alvarado.

              I presume the company is now selling franchises since Chowhounders have spotted three new locations.