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Jan 16, 2012 09:43 AM

How salty is Bo Ssam?

There is a recipe in last weekend's NY Times Magazine for slow-roasted Korean pork (Bo Ssam) as prepared by chef David Chang. It looks delicious. But my wife needs to limit her salt intake. The recipe calls for brining the pork shoulder then slow roasting it. The roast is then slathered with a sugar and salt coating and placed in hot oven to create a caramelized salt/sugar crust.

My question probably applies to any meat/poultry that is brined and/or rubbed with salt. in the final dish, does the meat itself have a high salt content? Or just the skin? Any foodie/techies out there know the answer?

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  1. Most of the salt in a Bossam preparation, even David Chang's, comes from the kimchi condiment. As a matter of fact, in traditional Bossam the pork does not get salted prior to cooking.