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Jan 16, 2012 09:26 AM

Khana Kh'Zana is a truly GREAT Indian Restaurant in Coral Springs

I've been eating Indian food since 1968 when I met many Indians while working in New York. While I'm no expert on Indian food, I know what I like and what I don't like when I eat it. I don't like "muddy" flavors in Indian food, which I describe as having too many spices that don't marry well together so that no specific flavors stand out. I also don't like Indian food that's been sitting around for days and days. What I do like about Indian food is that when it's good, it's very very good. It totally inspires me and takes me off to a distant time and place! It's my favorite cuisine, bar none.

That said, enter Khana Kh'Zana, which is located just beyond University Drive on Sample Road in Coral Springs. (10345 Sample Road, Coral Springs, Tel: 954-227-9344, OMG! My husband and I dined there for the first time last night and we felt like we'd died and gone straight to culinary heaven. We tried fairly typical dishes...Chicken Tikka Masala (I know that this dish isn't actually Indian) Lamb Madras and Palak Paneer. We also ordered two garlic naan breads.

These lovely people don't overcharge for their food and are SOOOOO generous in their portions. We couldn't begin to finish any of the dishes we ordered and brought home more leftovers than we ate! The meat dishes have so many chunks of meat, we were amazed. They season their food correctly. Flavors aren't muddy, and each dish tastes very fresh with generous sprinklings of coriander leaves that also lend a nice fresh taste. The bread was fresh and delicious. We didn't even manage to finish the first order of bread!

The people here are so incredibly delightful. It is clearly their great pleasure to make you happy when you eat there. The owner's name is Arun. He's a peach! His son, whose name I didn't get and a lovely Colombian lady also work there, in addition to another woman in the kitchen. The only drawback is their use of plastic eating utensils and styrofoam plates and bowls (and aluminum take out dishes for serving). While there are only five tables, many enthusiastic diners eat in, this place is clearly great for take out. I plan to call in my orders and then drive there - it's about 10-15 minutes from our home in Pompano Beach.

After last night, this is definitely the beginning of a long and lovely culinary friendship.

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  1. Looking forward to trying this for takeout next time I am in the area.

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    1. re: CFByrne

      I'm going to be in the area late this afternoon (tax time!) so I may get takeout from here. If so, report tomorrow...

    2. You gotta be kidding me... this place is the worst. Overwarmed food, bland, dull, and dingy beyond even my dive-crawling desires. There are probably half a dozen Indian restaurants in the immediate area I'd recommend over it, sorry.

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      1. re: johnmlinn

        OK, so what are those restaurants in the immediate area that you'd recommend over it?

        1. re: Pamela2

          I'm curious too. I've been dying for good indian food in south palm beach.

          1. re: itsacrazyasian

            Curries N More is decent in Boca but avoid Punjab! Bombay Cafe is supposed to be ok.



            If in central Palm Beach county, definitely try Indu's for great food or Taste of India which is more upscale/expensive.



            1. re: freakerdude

              Taste of India is best in Broward / Palm Beach I have found...


              1. re: CFByrne

                Are you talking about the Taste of India on Hollywood Blvd. Which closed!

                1. re: Bigstu99

                  No - this is on Ockochobee Blvd in WPB - not far from Cruzan Amphitheatre.

                  1. re: CFByrne

                    Curries N More.... I found the place to be lacking. Portions were small for the price. My lamb vindaloo had very little lamb in it but the curry was pretty tasty. Their Naan SUCKS!

                    1. re: itsacrazyasian

                      CnM's lunch portions are very small. I have never eaten dinner there though.

                      1. re: freakerdude

                        I got take out. Their dinner portions are small. This little Asian was very hungry afterward.

          2. re: Pamela2

            I realize my first post was rather blunt, I apologize. I've tried Khana on several occasions and just found it similar to very cheap take out -- greasy, warmed over, not so fresh,etc. For better Indian in the North Broward area, I recommend you check out Woodlands Vegetarian Indian Cuisine in Lauderhill and Udipi Cafe in Sunrise. Both serve Southern style, so dosai, sambal, rasam, pathura, etc., but they have some great traditional veg curries and pilafs as well. I find Woodlands has better mild dishes (esp with cheese) such as palak paneer, mutter paneer, etc. -- their channa bhatura is legendary. Udipi does some outstanding Indochinese such as Manchurian cauliflower and they have a very deft hand with spices. You do, however, have to put up with some very ineffectual service at Upidi, but the authenticity of the food is worth it.

            Also in Sunrise is India House, which is quite good too if you're looking for meat-based dishes. They have great chicken dishes and spicy vindaloos, etc, plus some really excellent naan and tandoor dishes.

            Freaker, I've seen a lot of people recommend Indus to me, but on my sole visit I was really disappointed. I had some tandoor-style chicken that I couldn't even finish, and some vegetarian curry with a butter sauce that had flecks of burnt spices in it (overhot wok, I imagine). Should I give it another try? Is it worth the trip up?

            I've found Curries 'n' More's balti curry -- a style similar to vindaloo -- to be very good. Tangy, spicy, rich. They do not have a proper tandoor, though, so the naan is definitely not authentic.

            1. re: johnmlinn

              I was also not overlly impressed with Indus - I wanted to love it, but just could not.

              Probably need to give another try though.

              1. re: johnmlinn

                Thanks for all of that John. Clearly you know your Indian food. You really talk a great game! You could probably be a food reviewer. We haven't tried Woodlands and didn't like Udipi's food or atmosphere. We prefer meat dishes. We also tried India House in Sunrise. Weren't thrilled about that either. We generally prefer North Indian food to Southern, although my husband loves dishes with coconut. We don't eat all that bread like Dosi, etc. Another of our very favorite places is India Palace in Davie. We've been going there for years, but now that we live in Pompano, it's a little distance to go.

                All I can say in my defense for saying that Khana Kh'Zana is truly GREAT is how we both felt after eating there, truly enjoying our food, meeting nice people dining there who swear by it and, last but not least, dealing with the owner and his staff, who are lovely, warm people who try very hard to please. Yes, the place isn't designed for dining in at all. The atmosphere isn't great. My husband and I have dined in many "holes" in third world countries, etc. We don't grade them so much on their physical plant, except for their cleanliness, but on the good honest food they produce.

                Thanks all for the lively discussion!

                1. re: Pamela2

                  That in itself would merit a visit from me. My last trip to Curries N More, the waitress/hostess was doing everything from sitting people to bussing tables. Busy that evening too. At one point she started crying... Not a good experience. Luckily for me i got take out again.

                  1. re: Pamela2

                    John Linn was the Broward-PB New TImes food critic. Indus is a short distance from me and if I had to drive far, I might not deem it as worthy.

                    1. re: Pamela2

                      I can definitely appreciate that, Pamela. I love a good hole in the wall. And a warm, personal experience goes a long way in helping you enjoy any meal.

                      To be honest, I don't think I'd call any of the Indian restaurants in the area exceptional. There are plenty of "good" experiences, and I'd put Woodlands in that category, but definitely no must visits. If you're into northern dishes and meat-based curries, it probably wouldn't light your fire either.

                      The main problem I've seen is inconsistency, lack of atmosphere, and service. I used to really like Saffron in West Palm Beach, but have had bad experiences there as well.