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Jun 11, 2006 01:29 AM

Brent's Deli

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The newest news is that the Westlake Village store's opening is still very much delayed. They have a shell only. There is nothing inside. Maybe they will really open by the high holidays.

Also if I may mention it, when I was there today I was going to order onion rings. My waitress suggested I try their new sweet potato (or was it yam) fries. In any case, they were outstanding. I was almost tempted to to set aside my sky high sandwich and just work on the fries. The new item is not on the menu so just ask for it.

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  1. I'm going to Brent's tonight for a birthday dinner, can't wait. Yup...Brent's was my choice! Love this place and my bro who lives in Simi is pining for Westlake as well. Where is the new location exactly?

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      SimiHound (formerly dave gee)

      I know its where Reds BBQ used to be but not the exact location. Call Northridge for directions to the Westlake Village location. 818-886-5679.


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        Brent's in Westlake Village is in the former Paul's Cafe location at 2799 Townsgate Road, technically in T/O.

        1. re: carter

          It is across the street from Gelson's.

      2. I drove by today and the signs are up and it looks like they are getting close. Lots of workmen on a Sunday, so I suspect that means they've set an opening for the near future.

        Also, they ran an ad last week in the local paper for all positions.

        My guess is they'll be open in the next few weeks (keeping my fingers crossed).

        1. They are gettting pretty close now for their WLV location.

          Their website says "two weeks". There are also a couple of renderings here:

          1. it's right next to the Hyatt and across from Gelson's.

            I talked to a waitress at the Northridge location because i was worried about the food quality at the new place...she explained to me that half of the wait staff and half of the cooks from Northridge are going over to the Westlake one, thus ensuring that the quality stays somewhat the same :-) Also, this new one is supposed to have a full bar which is always nice.

            1. FYI, their website says they are opening this (Labor Day) weekend.

              I'll try and make it by there and give a report.