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Jan 16, 2012 08:42 AM

Looking for good local sources

Hi - I am looking for sources of locally raised meat and milk and locally made cheese, bread, jams, etc. in the New Castle Co (Delaware), Cecil County (Maryland) and Chester County (Pennsylvania) area. I am specifically asking for recommendations of things that you like. Thanks

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  1. Plenty available, although for meat, you are in for some serious sticker shock. I cannot bring myself to pay those prices.

    I find local meat and dairy at Harvest Market (Hockessin), Nature's Way (Elsmere--only on Thurs/Fri/Sat for produce), and Highland Orchards (Wilmington). There is also Newark Natural Foods co-op, which I don't shop at but which probably carries some local stuff. The Kennett Square farmers market is a good source, and it's open every other weekend in winter:

    For bread, you cannot beat Big Sky Bread (North Wilmington): Their products are available at most of the shops I listed above, too.

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      travelmad478 - thanks for your suggestiions but I should have been more clear in my post. What we are looking for is local sources with whom we could potentially develope relationships for our CSA - such as offering locally made butter (just as an exmaple) as part of CSA membership. I have seen your posts and know that you know a lot about the area so- is there anything from a small , oocal supplier that you particularly like?

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        Hm. The one thing I really like that is local is Seven Stars Farm yogurt, from Chester County (they sell it at the three stores I mentioned in my post):

        Another one is Big Sky bread.

        If you are looking for meat products, I also recommend Maiale's cured meats and sausages (on Lancaster Ave. in Wilmington). I have no idea if they use locally raised meat in their products--I doubt it--but you can ask.

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          For cheese, I like Birchrun Hills Farm and Shellbark Hollow Farm in Chester County.

          There's a listing of Chester County cheesemakers here:

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            Thanks - we will look into them!