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Jan 16, 2012 08:28 AM

ISO "Nuri Brand" Sardines

Anyone seen these around the GTA?
Dying to try them as they are supposed to be the best.

I'm guessing at Portugese or Italian grocers- though they are really popular in Austria and maybe in a German deli somewhere.

Actual sightings would be appreciated Thnx

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  1. I eat sardines at least twice a week and every time I go into a new grocery store I check to see what brands they carry. I have yet to see these anywhere. But, here's a description and picture of what they look like. It's a distinctive yellow can for those looking, if the packaging has not changed. Indeed, the description mentions most of them are sold in Austria and Italy.

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      Thanks I hope I can find them somewhere

    2. Okay, not an actual sighting. Let me know if you've tried Vienna Fine Foods on Birchmount north of Eglinton. If you haven't, I'll take a boo next time I'm in and let you know.

      Vienna Fine Foods
      1050 Birchmount Rd, Scarborough, ON M1K 1S4, CA

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          So, as promised, I looked for Nuri sardines at Vienna Fine Foods. I didn't find them, BUT I did have to wade my way through oodles of choices in jars, cans, and at the deli counter. If it's sardines you crave, I'd say it's worth a trip.

      1. Hi!!!
        Yes, they are unique, as all the sardines that Pinhais & Ca. produce!!!
        I'm from Portugal, if you are realy interest I can contact the company (I've been there myself and is one of a kind) and find out if there's any grocery in Canada that sell it or if they can sell it directly to you!!
        They work "old fashion", wich means that they don't use frozen fish and the olive oil they use is superior too!!! As I say, I've been in the company and see as they work, manually, treating the sardines with great care so that they can preserve all the natural flavour and quality!!!
        I don't try the Nuri sardines because I don't like spicy food, but I tried the others that they produce and are one of a kind!!!
        Greatings from Portugal!!!

        1. Lucial83

          Yes please find out if they are sold in Canada - Toronto specifically.
          Thanks for your help!

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          1. re: BeanerSchitzl


            They don't have records of any store in Canada/Toronto that sell Nuri, and they don't have on-line store (for now). But, if you want, contact them by e-mail to
            This adress is of António Pinhais who is in charge of the company following his father and grandfather steps!!
            Hope this information can help you!!

            Best regards.

          2. BeanerSchitzl can you give me an e-mail adress so we can reach you?! Thanks!! :)