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Dinner for 100 in Walnut Creek

I need to feed 60 high school students + 40 adults on a Thursday night, preferably not too far from the Walnut Creek Marriott. Preferences:

1)Cheap - I need to get out the door for around $15 a head
2)Not nasty
3)Service able to handle a large group efficiently
4)Veg options
5)Any cuisine is fine, but it would be nice if it was somehow representative of the Bay Area

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  1. Looking on Yelp within a four block walking distance, there are

    Shanghai Cuisine

    Mi Casa

    While they are good for groups according to yelp, you'd have to call to see if they seat 100.

    I thought maybe at least this info can start the discussion. Have you considered getting a conference room at the Mariott and a cheap caterer?

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      Shanghai and Mi Casa are both quite good, but neither will seat 100. Both do cater, though, and I second the suggestion that you get a room at the Marriott. I think Scott's may be able to take 100, but it won't be cheap and it's not that good.

      1. re: rworange

        You can't bring outside catering into the Marriott. We'd be hard pressed to do anything there for under $30 per person.

      2. One other thing I would consider is heading someplace near a BART station in Oakland, Berkeley, etc. Oakland would be better, as I would prefer to avoid transfers. Most of the kids will have chaperones who can drive them, but a few will come from schools that will not allow them to ride in people's cars. As a result, we could have 90% of the kids get rides and 10% take BART. As they will be from out of town, I would want the BART journey to be simple.

        1. Dragon 2000 can seat 150.

          Dragon 2000
          1651 Botelho Dr Ste 120, Walnut Creek, CA 94596

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          1. re: Melanie Wong

            Friends who ate there regularly say Dragon 2000 is no longer good. Food and service is poor.

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              Thank you, would you happen to know if they order from the Chinese or from the English language menu at Dragon 2000?

              1. re: Melanie Wong

                Sorry Melanie to be so long in answering. They order from the English menu.

          2. WOW! You got the duty 2 years in a row. You must have done a good job last year.

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              I host this event every year. Until last year it was 24 kids plus another 20 or so adults. Last year I was asked to enlarge the event. Never really anticipated how much more difficult that would make everything. We used to do it on our campus and at a local law firm, but now we're stuck in a hotel. As a result, our costs are way up. I'm loath to increase the entry fees, as the kids and their schools are paying.

            2. Call The Norseman at DVC. The prices are very reasonable. I think about $13.00. They are not open all the time. They are closed until Spring, but no date is given. Also they do not take credit cards, only cash and checks.

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              1. Right across the street is Ajisai Japanese http://ajisaiwalnutcreek.com/ If the weather is nice they have an outside patio that may be large enough. I have not been before but it is in your price range, might be worth a call and see what they can do for you

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                  Good call. I'm using them for lunch on Thursday!

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                    Glad it helped you out! Another thought is that the free Walnut Creek bus has a stop across the street from the hotel, in front of the Jack in the Box. It only runs until 7pm on weeknights but if you can do an early dinner it opens up all of downtown Walnut Creek. One final thought, if you talk to the hotel manager will they let you bring food in? That is not technically catering...

                    1. re: elliora

                      They will not stop individuals from bringing in take out, ordering pizza, etc., but there's no way that they will facilitate my feeding 100 people with food from an outside vendor. Their goal is to drive business to their restaurant and catering department. I will do one meal/snack with them (for convenience, and to keep their sales department happy). I just can't afford to do anything else there. I think these prices will illustrate the problem:

                      $29 for a box lunch!

                      $4 for a tub of Dannon yogurt! $3 for a cookie!

                      And don't forget to add another 25% + for tax and service charge.

                2. I wonder if Tender Greens would work. Their restaurant seats more than 100 people. Entrees are around $11. I think it's about a mile from the hotel. Perhaps you could work with them to come early for dinner, and for them to be prepared for a large crowd all at once?

                  It would be a nice reflection of California, as their focus is farm to table, and most of the food they serve is grown locally in Brentwood.