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Jan 16, 2012 07:40 AM

In Town for Conference - Recommendations?

We are coming into town and staying at Marriott near convention center for a conference on 3/1 - 3/2. I know it is during restaurant week ... we are looking for a late dinner somewhere on 3/1 for a group of 10 or so people within walking distance. Recommendations ? Should we make reservations? Someone said Tazia for apps and drinks ... doesn't have to be upscale, especially since some are on a budget ~ any ideas / suggestions appreciated!

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  1. Restaurant week is at the end of January/beginning of February. So, if you're coming in March, you'll probably clear it. There are several Marriotts near the convention center, but it doesn't really matter which one because the convention center is conveniently located near the center of our downtown (Center City).

    If you're just going to head to Chinatown, you probably don't need a reservation, but if you want to go anywhere else, it would probably be worth it. Close by is the 13th Street corridor (you'd have a shot with a group of ten at: Lolita, El Vez, Sampan, Opa). You might be able to walk into Fergie's, McGillian's, and Moriarity's (another block or so away), all bars that serve food.

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      OOPS , I meant february 1/2 .... how crazy busy is it for restaurant week?

      1. re: brunchy

        crazy. busy. Stick to places that aren't participating. Amis might work for your group if it's a good group for sharing small plates. Otherwise, Chinatown might be the way to go. I think Vietnam is a fun spot, prices are reasonable.

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          Rangoon or Lee How Fook would be good for a group too. Maybe Yakitori Boy if you want tho do karaoke :)

          Vietnam is good for groups but it's not very good Vietnamese food IMO.

          1. re: urbanfabric

            whoa . appreciate all the input . okay, even for a late dinner - 8pm ?

            1. re: brunchy

              8pm isn't late, everything will be open. After 10pm on a weekday you might get into trouble but there are a lot of late night places in Chinatown too.

              I'll second the Fergie's suggestion from above. It's pub food with some bbq, there's something for everyone, it's not amazing overall, but the pulled pork is exceptional. They have an upstairs that can seat 10 easily.