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Jan 16, 2012 07:28 AM

No more Dublin (cane sugar) Dr. Pepper!

I believe Dublin also made cane sugar versions of Big Red and NuGrape. I hope those will continue. National Dr. Pepper/Snapple claims they have a cane sugar version of Dr. Pepper but that may just be a dodge. King Corn wins again!

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  1. Its not a dodge because they'll be using the Temple plant which already produces most of the Dublin Dr. Pepper cane sugar soda on the market.

    You'll be getting the exact same drink except with no Dublin on the label.

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    1. re: hobbess

      Will this be the same price as regular Dr. Pepper? If so I'll be a happy camper! Dublin DP was certainly pricey.

      1. re: chascates

        I'm not sure, but I thought the whole reason soda companies switched from using sugar to corn fructose syrup in the 70s was because sugar was more expensive. If sugar is going to more expensive, then I'd expect the price to reflect that.

        At the same time, I always thought that Dublin Dr. Pepper was able to charge a premium because of the cachet of the Dublin name. Mexican Coke without corn syrup doesn't cost as much as Dublin Dr. Pepper.

        So, I'm just speculating here, but I wouldn't be surprised if Dr. Pepper with cane sugar costs more than regular Dr. Pepper but also costs less than Dublin Dr. Pepper.

    2. HEB house brand has cane sugar versions of Orange, Dr B, Red, and Cola. I'm not a soda aficionado but when they're on sale I'll sometimes but a 12er. They taste just fine to me - better than the HFCS versions and half the price.