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Jan 16, 2012 06:43 AM

Shabbos Special- Teaneck

Where can I order a good shabbos special from in Teaneck, and see the menu online aside from Smokey Joes? Any recommendations for anywhere? We need to send food to a family who had a family tragedy so need it to be nice and reasonable.

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  1. Places with websites:

    Noah Ark's
    Kosher Experience (I am 90% sure they have a Shabbos Special)
    Sammy's Deli

    Other places to recommend
    Teaneck Glatt

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    1. re: vallevin

      I think Sammys Deli closed...?

      thanks so much!!!

        1. re: vallevin

          I work right by there and I haven't seen it open in about 3 months.. If you call the main Sammys number there is no button anymore for the deli. Have you been there recently? Is it still open?

          1. re: marissaj

            Sammy's Deli and Petak's Deli closed several weeks ago. No one in Teaneck noticed.

            1. re: morris

              Lol. Just about sums it up.
              I think we will go with the $30 shabbos special to best glatt and maybe the kosher koupon for smokeys joes...