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Jun 11, 2006 12:17 AM

Stinking Rose

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A few of us have reservations at Stinking Rose later this week in Beverly Hills. Is anything good there?
Anything I should stay away from?


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  1. Food is fair.

    I enjoyed the Bagna Calda

    Stay away from the pasta dishes.

    I also liked the pork chop.

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    1. re: mar52

      I really liked the bagna calda also.
      I liked the ribs okay. I also have had the meat loaf, filet mignon and a few other things. The food is okay. It isnt a favorite of mine, but I would go back sometime.

    2. stay away from everything. every entree is entirely flavorless. i actually do like the garlic dip thing they have as an appetizer. it's esentially just garlic that you dip your bread into. the restaurant has an ok atmosphere but food - not so much.

      1. Nicest thing is their faux bordello decor.

        1. Posted by me a month ago:

          "There was a Stinking Rose string on the L.A. Board within the last 6 months, but I can't find it. Bottom line = all (I think) the reviews were negative and to stay away; I know mine defintely was. There are other places that have garlic, just ask them to heap it on (I sometimes request 50 megatons). One thing is the ambiance is really different, like a magic carpet ride at an old tired amusement park."

          1. d
            Dave and Stuff

            Been twice, and will never be back. The craziest thing I noticed both times I went was the lack of garlic flavor...I should have been blown away, but most of the food was just bland.

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            1. re: Dave and Stuff

              The only thing they're selling a The Stinkin' Rose is the Brooklyn Bridge.