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Jan 16, 2012 05:11 AM

fuzzy mold

I have a Mont d'Or cheese in my fridge (in a wooden box under its original plastic packaging). It's not supposed to expire for another 2 weeks but I can already see white fuzzy mold all around the top edge.

Would it be safe to eat if I scoop out all the fuzzy bits and pop the rest in the oven? (I had planned to heat it up and eat it fondue style).

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  1. I'd be worried if they had pigmented spots (green or pink) which are only the surface buds of a large network of filaments where most of the toxin resides.

    1. I may be nuts but I just cut out the mold on cheese and eat it. Most times I am heating the cheese for omelettes, grilled cheese/burgers or gratinee. If the mold went thru the cheese and was not only on the surface I'd toss it.
      As my god parents (both almost 100) say: "Whatever doesn't kill you it makes you stronger!" Then again, I won't eat anything from their fridge.

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      1. This happens all the time with cheeses like mont d'or stored in plastic. I would just scrape the fuzz off the rind.

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          that's exactly what I wanted to know. Thanks for saving my dinner!