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Jan 16, 2012 04:45 AM

Rachael v Guy - jan 15 spoilers

I wonder how much Scott, Alex and Marcus were paid to show up on this train wreck of a show and act like they actually liked the food these "celebrities" were putting out. They seemed to have a LOT more praise for these creations than anything made by professional chefs on "Chopped." And nothing like challenge "grilled cheese" to separate the real chefs from the wanna-bes.

And on a completely non-food related note (well kind of food related) watching a man grab his crotch right before he is going to cook food is NOT a turn on Food Network.

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  1. I had to do a double taken when I saw Scott, Alex, and Marcus -- whoa, it's Chopped Lite!

    That's exactly what it was. Pump up the fake drama. Have the judges be more approachable and animated. Have them praise more than criticize, and when a criticism is necessary, sugar-coat it in a way that doesn't make it sound like an outright criticism.

    I have the feeling RR and GF gave much more help to some more than others. I also have the feeling some contestants purposely screwed up their dishes. The only thing I can pinpoint for this was the elimination -- you don't eliminate one of the stronger chefs in favor of the weaker ones. You just don't.

    That said, I'd love to try LDP's fried chicken.

    1. Flipping channels the fried chicken challenge caught my attention.

      As mentioned about the fake drama, when LDP made an egg wash, they judges were wondering what he was doing and why? lol... it's an egg wash for fried chicken, duh!

      I lost interest where when Rachael essentially gave her sauce recipe to the second celeb.

      Who won the fried chicken challenge?

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        1. re: xo_kizzy_xo

          Uh, no - Lou Diamond Phillips LOST the fried chicken segment, which was why he had to do that grilled cheese cook-off. The winner was Artis Leon Ivey Jr. :-)

          First time I've watched this show, partly by accident and then out of curiosity. Not sure I want to watch any further episodes.

          1. re: huiray

            I still want BOTH their recipes, and I'm sure they'll show up somewhere soon enough; prolly the magazine or TV show. They both looked delicious. Being a fried-chicken maven, I can totally get behind both preparations.

      1. The judges' attitudes were certainly different, Firegoat. I figured they were a little startstruck too - usually they don't judge celebrities, and who wants to start a Twitter war?
        Yes, they were kinder. Less poker-faced, more encouragement, more sugarcoating.
        The grilled cheese challenge was ridiculous. I realize there was a time limitation, but come ON.
        And I'm sad that Cheech Marin, my hero and a strong contender, was cut. He had some kitchen skilz, so I'm having a hard time understanding it. It does seem that this show is a pale imitation of something else, but I can't remember which show. I'll probably keep watching, but it's nothing I'd rush to get home for.

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        1. re: mamachef

          This show is just dumb. How about last week, the teams tie, so the leaders end up in the bottom? How does that make any sense.

        2. Really?
          Am I the only one who actually really enjoys this show???

          I was thinking I was going to hate everything about it, but I really like it!

          It's just normal food challenges, and the celebs seem to really be into it,,it seems more "real" to me than any of the other food game shows...

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          1. I can't even watch the *commercials* for this show. I don't know who can actually like Rachel or Guy, let alone putting them in a show together.