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Jan 16, 2012 01:14 AM

Da Felice vs Perilli, L'asino d'oro... so many questions after reading the board!

Dear all,

I am going to Rome in a few days (I live in Paris and I always go to Rome for my birthday, a great tradition of mine :-) and I wanted some advice from you guys. I’ve seen that the board is crazy about L'asino d'oro and Colline Emiliane so I was planning in going to both. Do you think it is better to go for lunch or diner? (I fear going for lunch and ending so full I would need a siesta :-)

Last year I was disappointed by La Campana (which I found in the board). Trattoria Monti and Da Felice have always been in my list, year after year (this will be my third). Reading the board I am thinking that maybe time has come to be unfaithful to Da Felice and try another Testaccio option, Perilli. What do you think?

Also, in general I like to have a large meal per day (either lunch or dinner) plus a lighter one (pizza, tapas, etc.). Do you have any recommendations on the “lighter” meals? I was thinking on Pizzarium (even though it is a bit far from my planned route this year) or maybe Roscioli (also a favourite in the forum I believe). Two years ago I went to ‘Gusto and I enjoyed the “tapas” degustation.

This is my plan so far:

Friday Night: Trattoria Monti
Saturday lunch: L'asino d'oro
Saturday dinner: Pizzarium? any other pizzeria closer to Monti
Sunday lunch: Colline Emiliane
Sunday dinner: ???
Monday lunch: Da Felice? Perilli?

Thanks so much for your help!!!!


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  1. Well, I certainly wouldn’t desert Felice for Perilli. But if you like 'Gusto, I'm not sure we can talk.

    Nor am I in love with L'Asino d'oro. I don't know whether they do the bargain lunch on Saturday. We had dinner there a few nights ago and thought the antipasti were totally tasteless and without merit, but the primi and secondi were good. We skipped dessert. Service was good, but there is something cold and sterile about the ambience that doesn’t appeal to me. I assure you, I am a minority. Everybody else goes gaga over the place. My husband pronounced the dinner "uneven" but his oxtail very good. He works near enough to go for the cheap lunch, so he likes that.

    I would go to Monti on a Friday night only if I really, really liked being at close quarters with a lot of people. Likewise Colline Emiliane. I haven't been in a long time but I am perceiving a nascent disenchantment around the edges of my consciousness. In any case, if you go there for Sunday lunch, I would plan a glass of water for Sunday evening. Maybe an apple.

    Pizzarium is no place to spend Saturday evening in winter. It's for standup lunch.

    1. Since Perilli is my favorite restaurant in Rome, you've got my vote there. I pick that over Felice any day. I also like Flavio Velavevodetto for Testaccio.

      I also am a fan of L'Asino d'Oro.

      Maureen is correct, Friday night at Trattoria Monti will be tight and crowded. (but that might be true of many places.) Have you been to Taverna dei Fori Imperiali? I think you'd like it.

      Also, I'd say Sunday lunch at Perilii, since that's a classic place for Sunday lunch.

      Sunday dinner: Pizza at Gatta Mangiona. A taxi ride, but worth it.

      And for Monday how about Trattoria Cadorna?

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      1. re: minchilli

        How far in advance is it appropriate to reserve at Gatta Mangiona for dinner on a Sunday. Also, what time would most locals reserve?

      2. We went to L'Asino d'oro for dinner a few weeks ago with another couple. It was the single greatest meal we had in Rome and our friends agreed. The decor is quite simple but the food was exceptional. the next night we went to all'oro for our splurge big birthday dinner. A big,expensive disappointment and I wish we had gone back to L'Asino for a second night . It was much better priced too!

        1. Thank you all for your answers. So many places to tgo!

          I will give Perilli a chance to see how does it fare against Da Felice. I was thinking going on Monday instead of Sunday because I want to get some food at the Testaccio market (close on Sundays, isn't it?).

          Following Elisabeth suggestion (great blog btw!) for Sunday diner we will go to La Gatta Mangiona.

          I will give you guys feedback about the experience!

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          1. re: AntonioA

            Yes Testaccio market is closed on Sunday but during the weekend I often go at the nearby Farmer's Market. Actually you can find there much better food in my opinion! There aren't fresh fish stalls and the same atmosphere though.
            One vote more for L'Asino.
            Better to reserve La Gatta Mangiona few days in advance.
            Enjoy your birthday in Rome!


            1. re: tavoleromane

              How far in advance would one need to book Perilli for Sunday lunch? They don't have an email, and feel very nervous calling for a reservation from overseas (my only knowledge is a phrase book that I have been reading) We arrive in Rome on a Thursday, and could pop in then to reserve. Or I could call once I am in Italy and feel more at ease.

              1. re: cleopatra999

                calling a few days in advance is safe for Sunday lunch

                  1. re: cleopatra999

                    Cleopatra999, I recognize you from the Prairie boards - I'm so happy to see you planning a Sunday lunch at Perilli! was in Italy in October with two good friends, and our Sunday lunch at Perilli was a highlight of our trip. Here's my report on Rome (our shortest stay in the trip...sigh) I know there regulars on this board each have their favourites, and I wish I had more time to try them all!

                    1. re: Silverwing

                      thanks Silverwing, makes me even more excited to get there. My husbands favorite pasta is carbonara. I can only imagine how many times he will order it in Rome!

          2. L'Asino D'Oro has gone way down hill - we had a terrible lunch there just last week. Everything was badly prepared and tasted and looked awful. We were all so disappointed. Even the service was terrible.

            We had great meals at D' pasta con fungi, amazing ravioli, and wonderful roasted lamb. Tarttoria Monti won our favorite restaurant award from our trip. It is a Marchegiano restaurant, and are we know well, and they did it proud. All the pastas were delicious only to be outdone by the wonderful array of timbales....amazing. We had a great rabbit dish that had us licking the plate. The desserts were all delicious and the sheeps milk ricotta boudino was remarkablly light and airy further heightened by the drizzle with a mosto/reduction a sort of grape syrup ---everyone was fighting for bites. The waiter suggested an outstanding San Giovese from the Marches that complimented the meal beautifully. The waiter provided outstanding service. Best of all this was a great value. For five people -- 4 starters/ 4 pastas/ 4 secondi/ 3 contorni/ 4 desserts - one bottle of 40 Euro wine - total 230 euro.