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Jan 15, 2012 09:17 PM

Splurge restaurant in Madrid

I am looking for the perfect "splurge" restaurant in madrid to celebrate my daughter's 25th birthday. Have looked at Club Allard, Terraza del Casino, Diverxo, Santceloni, Ramon Freixa. . . I am looking for outstanding food - preferably a tasting menu w/wine, fantastic setting and impeccable service (not stuffy). We have dined at Cinc Sentits (Barcelona) and absolutely loved it - looking for something that will "wow" us in the same sort of way. Speaking Spanish is no problem. We want to feel welcomed and pampered. Suggestions? thanks!

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  1. I went to sergi Arola's Gastro restaurant a couple of years ago (3) and it was one of the best meal I ever had. (and crap they changed the website to an ugly one!!)

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      Thanks Maximilien. Gastro was also on my short list. I am hoping to get a few more opinions as well!
      (now I am wondering what the old website looked like. . .)