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Jan 15, 2012 08:59 PM

looking for a variety of great food in London near Earls Court.

Hi All.

My husband and I are going to be in London/Dublin at the begining of March. We will be staying near Earls Court Station. Any suggestions for good food nearby? I wasthinking Browns for sticky toffee pudding,and Masters Super fish for the traditional fish and chips. Other than this I know we would like to eat Indian (maybe a buffet of sorts), traditional pub fare, and then maybe some budget places (mexican, pizza, sandwiches, vegetarian, yummy desserts, historical places etc.) Any suggestions would be extremely helpful. The husband is WAY more adventurous than me so anything goes. Thank you so much for any help you can provide.

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  1. Haven't eaten in Earl's Court for a while, except for dim sum at Dragon Palace, which was a very good inexpensive option.

    Did remember enjoying the pansit bihon at Lutong Pinoy (Filipino), kushiage at Mai's (Japanese) and of course Sichuan at No. 10 Chinese restaurant. Updates appreciated!

    A bit of a walk will get you to Gloucester road where we had a very good Sunday buffet at Bombay Brasserie. Bugis Street's Singapore buffet also gets some votes. See the recent posts on the board.

    Also within walking distance is Mohsen for great Persian kebabs.

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      Great. Thanks much. Will look these up. Any other suggestions on pub food?

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        Try the White Horse in Parson's Green, a short tube ride away form Earl's Court.

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        I'm bumping this thread to see if there is anything I'm missing. I'll be traveling in London (and Liverpool and Manchester) with a group of students beginning next week, and our hotel is in Earl's Court. We'll be in other parts of the city for most meals, but for our first night I wanted to eat near the hotel--I've booked at the Pembroke, which seems like a good first dinner spot. I also imagine we'll want to each lunch in Earl's Court the first afternoon (because by the time we get through immigration and to the hotel I think we'll be crazy hungry). Any of these spots specifically good for lunch?

        Finally, which pub(s) would you recommend to a tired prof at the end of a long day. (I don't know how many nights we'd make it back to the area after the theatre, but hopefully we will on occasion.)


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          Earls Court isn't fantastic pub wise close to the tube, but there are some pretty good ones within easy walking distance.

          Princess Victoria -- small quiet spot worth checking out if alone/small group. OK food
          Devonshire Arms -- loudish pub with good patio if sunny
          Scarsdale Tavern -- nicest pub in the area, interesting history (french dude started in anticipation of Napoleon taking over Britain)
          The Britannia Pub -- Very nice pub with Youngs ales.

          Food wise, there is a good (gastro) pub called the Atlas at West Brompton. They don't take reservations, but the food there is the best in the area pub-wise.

          For your first lunch I'd personally just go to Nando's or Wagamama near the station. Nando's is a Portuguese chicken restaurant from South Africa and is a large local chain, but is quite cheap and can be very good (and appeals to most anyone, bar serious foodies and snobby types). Wagamama is an international "asian" chain started in London. The food is pretty good for a chain restaurant, and is tres easy with a group

          No 10 is my favorite in the area though, though depending on the size of the group you may have issues getting a reservation.


          1. re: brokentelephone

            Thanks for this. I had considered Wagamama, but it was slightly pricier than I had hoped to pay for lunch. I had dismissed Nando's because I didn't think it had veggie options, but checked the menu on your suggestion and saw that it had plenty; it should be perfect for our needs. We have 14 people, so No 10 might be a problem. And thanks a bunch for the pubs.

      3. A Chinese restaurant called Jia is at the South Kensington Tube - very close to Earl's Court. The quality of the food is very good.

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          I had a very disappointing experience at Jia in 5-12. Portions were small and over-priced, service was surly though I was the only person in there mid-afternoon. They would not allow me to slide the adjacent small table to join mine so that I could fit all the dishes ordered and my laptop, saying they might have a rush of customers "at any moment now". No one came in the entire time. I will not return, too many other better choices!! Thai Square also near S Ken station, had lovely tamarind sauced duck. Comptoir nearby is a chain with some good Lebanese dishes. Number 10 in EC has wonderful water boiled beef soup!!

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            Well, this thread is a year old, so perhaps things have changed at Jia since I was there. We had good service and food, unlike what you describe. Sad.. things do change as do owners, chefs etc. I'll try Thai Square - sounds yummy.

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              Yikes, I didn't even think to look at the date, just wanted to give another view. I'm currently at lovely little Japanese spot on Brompton nearby there, Saki. I was in need of a heartwarming soup broth and am delighted with the full-flavored, Spicy Beef Ramen. Fits the bill BEAUTIFULLY!! Lovely mild hotness, slivers of tasty jalapeƱo. At Thai Square, I was disappointed with laarb gai (tho it made into good homemade broth added soup). Thom kha gai good but small serving. I'm in process of moving here so perusing as many discussions as possible. Look especially for recs from you and a few others like limster & others who seem to like similar foods to me. Schedule still back 'n forth but I hope some day to meet some of you!!

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                Welcome. By using the search engine, you'll find lots of previous postings by the real experts. They live in London, which I don't, so they are the mavens.

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                  Thanks, zuriga1 - sorry I missed this last year! Yes, I've used the search engine a LOT and am so appreciative of all the info shared. Btw, Saki was pretty dismal a few weeks back... ramen broth flavors pretty bland, service horrible even though we were only diners; won't be returning.

        2. Krungtap is a very reasonably priced Thai place, not 5 minutes walk from EC tube. Three good and one negative review here:

          1. I'd recommend you travel a little further than Earl's Court for food - it's easy on the bus/tube! (I assume you won't be spending all your time there?) If you're doing anything in central London, let us know and we might be able to give more exciting recommendations. (For example, if you're near Angel/Islington at any point, you might like Delhi Grill - very reasonably priced and great Indian curries and grills).

            Otherwise, here are some local options:

            Taiwan Village -
            Addie's Thai -
            The Pembroke (gastropub) -
            Marmara Mangal -

            Also second limster's recs for Dragon Palace, Mohsen and No 10.

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              WOW....this is an awesome list. We will absolutely be spending a lot of time in central london. Any suggestions on quick easy take away? or desserts?

              1. re: susanscorpio

                Anywhere? Or did you have a specific location in mind? (Central / Soho / West End?)

                1. re: PigsOnTour

                  Re: dessert. London's not as big on dedicated dessert bars as the US. The only one that springs to mind is William Curley's chocolatier and dessert bar in Pimlico, but this may be a little out of the way for you.

                  However, we have some great ice-cream shops and gelaterias. For example, Gelupo in Soho. The IceCreamists in Covent Garden is also well known for its unusual flavours (including breast milk last year) but I can't vouch for it myself.

                  More here:

                  I tend to have favourite desserts in favourite restaurants - for example, the sticky toffee sundae at Hawksmoor Covent Garden. Pricey but great steaks, burgers, lobster rolls, ribs and so on. The sundae has warm chunks of sticky toffee pudding, hot caramel sauce and clotted cream. Beyond good.

                  You might also like Salt Yard (near Goodge St station) if you've been shopping in the West End. It has a great buzz, lovely wines by the glass, and excellent small plates, cheese and charcuterie to share. (Perfect if you don't want a heavy meal). Their desserts are also good - they have a baked hot chocolate pudding that is like a warm rich mousse, served with turron ice-cream, wonderful.

              2. Indian Zing is an easy tube ride away from Earl's Court.

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                  Seconded -- order vegetarian and you'll be one very happy and healthy diner!