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Jun 10, 2006 10:14 PM

Scoops Ice Cream @ Melrose & Heliotrope?

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This week's "LA Alternative" free weekly reviews an ice cream place called Scoops at 712 N. Heliotrope (at Melrose, near Rincon Chileno. The review says it's a one-man operation run by a Mr. Tai Kim, who comes up with all sorts of unusual flavors such as black bread ice cream, cucumber melon sorbet, avocado banana gelato, vegan chocolate sunflower seed, etc.

Until I read this review I had never even heard of this place. (Yahoo directory lists it as "Taicecream.") It sounds like a must-try. Has anyone been there? Comments?

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  1. It is very tasty. I think I had a more normal flavor like choco something since I had my kid with me, but my friend who recommended the place to me goes once a week and (obviously!) loves it. If I'm not mistaken, the owner went to Cal Arts.

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      Thanks. This place does seem to have a lot of art-community blogger fans. Here's a recent blogger's photo of an avocado ice cream cake.

      Link: http://redridinghoodproductions.blogs...


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        PayOrPlay, does this mean they do custom stuff like ice cream cakes?

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          I've never been there, but the blogger (in the link) says yes, by special order.

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      Normal Garciaparra

      HAH! Cool. I live down the street from Scoops and was one of the first batch of customers. Tai is a cool dude, he likes a good challenge, so if you have an ice cream/gelato flavor that he hasn't made, there's a dry erase board for you to write-in your suggestions. He's made some wacky flavors like wasabi or chocolate jalapeno (weird but still good) and for you vegans, there's some vegan type icecreams. But his personal specialty are tropical fruit flavors like mango or ube (Philippine purple yam).

      The flavors change up usually about once a week.

      If you're not too adventurous the pistachio is *always* good.

      1. I just went today for the first time and loved it! I had the Wednesday special...a two dollar milkshake!! I went with coffee/peanut butter (flavor #1) mixed with sunflower/cookie dough (flavor #2)...totally vegan, totally delicious! I didn't try the dairy flavors, but avocado/vanilla and brown bread both looked interesting! I travelled from the westside to check this place was worth the trip and I will return!!

        1. Thanks! This may solve my problems (see the recent thread on ice cream cakes) for the weekend!