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Jan 15, 2012 07:23 PM

Ferry House in Princeton

Ate there last night. The food and service were superb. I'm a foodie and was impressed by the overall quality of the food and service. The proof of the pudding was that the place was crowded. Didn't check the barthrooms though. It's a keeper and will go there again.

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  1. Glad to hear a strong positive for Ferry House. Our last trip there two years ago was ruined by the rudest possible service we ever encountered. We were taking adear friend and spouse out for a celebratory dinner and booked our reservation with clear explanation of our intent and desire to bring some very special bottles from our cellar; all pre-decanted so our need for wine service was just clean stemware, not from a hot dishwasher and the time to enjoy what we paired with their appetizers, main course and desserts. Upon arrival I discretely approached the floor captain to remind him of our requests and he assured me we were covered. While the food was very good, the service stunk. Wine glasses were hot from washing and would have ruined our starter a pretty rare Konigsgaard Chardonnay so we asked for replacements. Our server said all the stemware was hot from being washed and that instead he could chill the wine to counteract the heat of the glasses. I suggested temporally filling the glasses with ice water, then draining and drying them. His response is that was not allowed. The night's service went downhill from there and ended as we were drinking a stellar 1963 vintage port and our server returned to clear the table including our port glasses in use. We explained we were still enjoying the port and even offered him a sample. He declined and said it was the end of his shift. He returned a minute later with a rag and spray cleaner (they wete using techy metal tables at the time) and proceeded to shoot his stuff in the middle of the port glasses. We got the message and left. Yes I asked to chat with the manager when things were going downhill with the service. Yes he listened and agreed to help but the facts the entire evening simply didn't improve so we have not gone back.

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      We always bring our own stems to The Ferry House as I think their stems are garbage. Still have a gift certificate that I need to use from last year, and it's been quite a while since we've been there. There is no excuse for the service you received.

      What vintage Kongsgaard were you drinking? I used to love their chards back in the day, but can't justify the $75 price tag anymore. Also cut out Kistler, Rhys, and Aubert. Rivers-Marie at $45 is about the top end I'll pay for chards anymore. Been cutting way back on wine purchases, and only $75 plus bottles I buy anymore are cabs, Bordeaux, and pinot noir....and a very rare few hard to find syrah and grenache (Next of Kyn or Sine Qua Non). Good stuff.

      Hope to get back to the Ferry House tomorrow night with a friend in from out of town or next week. Will comment after.

      Does Trigg still own it or did he sell? -mJ

      1. re: njfoodies

        Splurged on a case of the 2002 and have been 'testing' a couple bottles each year. Holdup incredibly well. Our go to chard has been Newton at a third of of the price of K. From the recent reviews maybe worth going back.

    2. I'm surprised no one has yet provided a link to this fairly recent discussion about the Ferry House. So I will.....

      I remember the Ferry House from its days in Lambertville and its first few years in Princeton. I always considered it one of THE places to go for fine dining. But that was then and this is now. I don't go to the Ferry House any more.