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Jan 15, 2012 06:38 PM

Piccoli Trattoria--Worth a visit!

My husband and I made our 2nd visit to Piccoli Trattoria on 6th Avenue this evening. The first time was a Saturday night, and the place was packed; this time was early on a very cold Sunday evening (coinciding with the Giants' game), so it was fairly empty. Both meals were lovely--we've now had 1 fish, 2 pastas and a risotto, and loved them all. Prices are very fair, staff is helpful and friendly, and the site is cozy (we had been in the space last year when it was an Indian restaurant--memorable for being one of the top 5 worst meals we ever had!).

I suggest reservations on weekends, and highly suggest giving the restaurant a try.

Piccoli Trattoria
522 6th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

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  1. I agree with Marion. Their risottos are excellent and, for vegetarians, can be prepared with a vegetable stock.

    A few caveats, however:
    --they are no longer BYO, although they are waiving the corkage fee for the remainder of January
    --they limit the number of reservations they will accept on weekends in order to keep tables open for walk-ins. Waiting time on a Saturday evening can be in excess of one hour.

    Still, this is one of the finer additions to the PS scene in the past year.

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    1. re: famdoc

      Do either of you eat at Fragole? (same chef/owner) Just wondering if this place is substantially different, or at least different enough to make the longer trek worthwhile, since Fragole is a couple of blocks away from me and this place is farther.
      Even if it's not, I would concur that a fragole-like place is a nice addition to any neighborhood.

      1. re: missmasala

        I live much closer to Fragole than to Piccoli Trattoria--I think we overdosed on Fragole when it first opened, and the menu hasn't changed much (although they do have rotating specials). Don't know if it's the newness or the better match of menu and our tastes, but we seem to be favoring Piccoli (love the risottos).

        I think the owner of Piccoli is a partner in Fragole, so not as much freedom with the menu.

        394 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

    2. Anyone been to Piccoli recently? I couldn't see any blurbs since late 2011/early 2012.
      Thanks in advance for any updates.