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Jan 15, 2012 06:21 PM

Ethiopian in Portland

I love ethiopian food and was spoiled when I lived in LA because there is a "little ethiopia" which I frequently visited. I haven't had Ethiopian since I moved to Portland. There are three restaurants that I am thinking of visiting: E'Njoni Cafe, Bete-Lukes, and Queen of Sheba international food. Opinions on the best one? I am leaning more towards E'Njoni...

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  1. I like Blue Nile, also Bete-Lukas.

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    1. re: Leonardo

      If you had to pick one, which one would you pick?

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        I have heard the service is very up and down, thoughts?

      2. Bete-Lukas is my fave, but I like Blue Nile too.

        1. I'd suggest Enat's Kitchen (on killingsworth near Enjoni). food is great and prices aren't outrageous. we go at least every few weeks for the family meal. of the others you mentioned, i like Enjoni, though several people we were going with had issues (either long waits or not great food over several visits). Bete Lukas I also like quite a bit, but its farther away for me and the few trips i've made they are super crowded leaving us waiting a long time if we don't have a reservation. And Queen of Sheeba I have only been to once and I didn't love it - thought the food was not as flavorful as Enat or Enjoni. But I've been only the once, so i'm willing to chalk it up to an off night and will go again.

          Oh, one other place you might want to try is horn of africa on MLK - more generally east african than strictly ethiopian, but its a nice spicy option.


          1. A friend of mine love's E'Njoni and they got a great write up a few weeks ago

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              A good friend went to the Sunday buffet recently and said it was very, very good. Haven't been there myself yet, for the buffet or otherwise...