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Jan 15, 2012 05:45 PM

Friday lunch with toddler in NO

Im visiting NO for the first time from Texas, en route to a family reunion. I have one Friday lunch and Friday dinner. I will be with my husband, inlaws and three year old daughter. I am thinking of commanders palace, August, brigsten, but open to suggestions. I know commanders is very formal
And not sure if they would welcome my toddler. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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  1. Brigsten's is very tight space, I would not recommend a toddler there. The other two would be iffy depending on your toddler. Do not "wing it" on a Friday in New Orleans, make your reservations.

    1. August is much more formal than Commander's, so no toddlers there. Commander's might actually work (although personally I wouldn't bring a toddler there), or you could go somewhere more casual, like Cochon or Mandina's.

      1. I don't know how long your toddler can sit still, but I wouldn't recommend any of those. And i also would suggest reservations. When you call your choices, you can ask whether they have high chairs or booster seats. If they don't, children probably aren't a good idea. We took our children out to eat many times in New Orleans at that age, but not to fine dining establishments. Mandina's is a good suggestion. Other similar places are Katie's, Liuzza's, Ye Olde College Inn. Also possibilities for lunch are poboy places such as Parkway Bakery. There are many choices in these categories. Perhaps a little bit more information would be helpful.

        1. Emeril's for Fri. lunch will work with a toddler. 3 course special $19.50. Coquette and Patois should be ok for lunch as well.

          1. Also, Brigsten's is only open for dinner.

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              Of all the Brennan restaurants possibly Palace Cafe is more toddler friendly. Don't go to Commanders or August they're not a good fit for a toddler. Be advised that Friday lunch is a very hard-drinking time in New Orleans!