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Jan 15, 2012 05:21 PM

Alhambra changes: Gourmet Island closes, Bao Bao Bistro opens in former Be Be

Gourmet Island, in the space formerly occupied by The Kitchen, has closed. Work busily going on inside and banner in Chinese proclaiming "coming soon" (can someone translate? - see pic). Also, the tiny space last occupied by Be Be is now Bao Bao Bistro. A check inside reveals the Be Be menu still being used (at least for now). Be Be has consolidated at their somewhat larger location on Garvey in Rosemead. This location has been Ding's, Noodle Young, Chuan Yu, Be Be and now...Bao Bao.

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    1. Don't forget 525 W. Valley was also once occupied by Quickly, and going back over 20 years, My Kitchen. Meanwhile it's sad to see the problems at the Gourmet Island location, as that iconic location was originally the home of one of the pioneering Hong Kong seafood restaurants in the SGV from nearly 30 years ago, Jumbo Seafood.

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        Pity. I was going to go there this week with co workers for lunch

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          I rather liked Gourmet Island but that location is no longer prime for a Cantonese restaurant it seems.