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Maialino Restaurant Week Menu

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This is the menu for Maialino for Restaurant Week 2012. There are two prices, $24.07 and $35. Does this menu mean that if I order items from the left, it will cost $24.07, and if I order from the right, it will cost $35? I'm not really sure how to read this menu. I've heard a lot of great things about Maialino and this is my first time, but if only the items on the left are $24.07 then they don't really have a lot of choices to choose from. Also, what are the items on the bottom? Thanks.

2 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10010

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  1. Yes-- that is how I would interpret it. $24.07 lunch on the left or $35 lunch on the right. (Usually RW places do $35 dinners but Maialino is M-F lunch only).

    The items at the bottom are wines.

    Their menu doesn't look that bad for RW. You'll sometimes see only 2 items for each course at some restaurants. And it's Restaurant Week, many restaurants won't let you choose their best/most popular items from the RW menu (too expensive).

    1. Kinda disappointed - on previous RW menus, they had most of those dishes or similar on one $24.07 menu. Everything I'd want is on the $35 side, which is in a different price league (for me).

      The $5 wines are a great touch though!

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        The chicken (secondi on the less pricey menu) has been praised by many:


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          Thanks erica, that will be what I try when I go to the restaurant!!

      2. Just went yesterday for lunch. Since we weren't thrilled about any of the appetizers, the two of us shared one $24 menu with two additional plates tacked on.

        Note: for the duration of Restaurant Week, Maialino ONLY serves the dishes on the RW menu, the regular menu is not available.

        We had the salumi plate to start, which is great to share. Then we shared the Spaghettini alle Cozze and the Malfatti al Maialino (best dish of the meal). Then we split the Spezzatino d'Agnello, which is like a lamb stew. Last, a dessert of chocolate panna cotta, which tasted like hot chocolate in custard form.

        2 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10010

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          Hey janethepain, thanks for the info, just wondering, how was the salumi plate? Would you recommend it? Also, how were you charged for the additional two plates. Thanks.

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            Went to rest week for lunch here yesterday. We both went with the 35.00 menu as there were more options. Had the fried artichokes and seared octupus , both were very good and went well with each other , as we shared everything. The braised suckling pig was exceptional , came with a wide paste and lemon parmesean butter sauce that you could eat by the bowl. Other entree was braised lamb , which was good but not anything exceptional. Choco torte wa so rich and light at the same time. Lemon bread pudding was not good - was not sweet or cakey , was the only real miss. Wines by the glass were very good and they were only 5.00 which was great.

            overall a very good lunch , still came to almost 100 before tip.

            2 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10010

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              The salumi plate was very shareable - two different kinds of olives, two slices of mortadella, two pieces of speck (I think?), three shavings of prosciutto. It was very standard in the way salumi offerings go, I'm generally not terribly interested in Italian apps/antipasti.

              I believe we were charged the a la carte prices for the two additional plates. It came out to $68 pre-tax/tip, so the same as if we were both doing the $35 menu. But we'd rather trade one set of appetizer and dessert for the flexibility of adding another pasta and secondi.

              Also, just to clarify the post above, the number of choices on both menus is the same, just not the actual choices themselves.