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Jan 15, 2012 04:09 PM

Newport milestone dinner

Will be in Newport for a milestone anniversary dinner in February. Would like recomendations for a great dinner. Thinking about White Horse Tavern. We also like Scales, Obelisque and Asterisk, and Tuckers Bistro, but are looking for a romantic dining experience. Would lilke your advice.,

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  1. I would consider Caste Hill as well.

    1. We just returned from Newport today and can concur on The White Horse Tavern, but we had an absolute great experience at Bouchard's on Thames St

      1. Not sure what milestone it is - try Tallulah or Bouchard's for a fancy dinner - both have good food, very different from each other-

        In my opinion, White Horse is over priced and very outdated food.

        1. I totally agree with Tallulah's. We have always loved their service, atmosphere, and care in preparing their dishes.

          1. Tallulah's, hands down! Our most memorable meal of 2011 - and we eat out a lot! The flavors are spot on, service impeccable, and the space is cozy.