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Jan 15, 2012 04:02 PM

diamond crystal kosher salt

I'm looking for as many options as possible for purchasing this, my standard salt of choice for work/home. I usually buy it at Fiesta Farms for $4.99 a box but i reckon there must be a better price out there for it somewhere. Anybody know where else you can purchase this?

Here's what it looks like.....

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  1. I bought it at Diana's for $4 more than a year ago.

    1. Yes I have seen it for 3,50 something a box at the No Frills at Bathurst and Wilson,I have also seen Kosher salt at Bulk barn,which looked like it was Crystal brand can't remember the price.

      1. costco has it, i am not sure of the price though.

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          Anyone else confirm costco has this brand in gta? I remember seeing windsor kosher salt (in packs of 3) but don't remember seeing diamond crystal.

          1. re: szw

            I go to the Costco on Billy Bishop Way in North York all the time and have never seen it there. But, only a few blocks away from there, at the No Frills at NE corner of Bathurst & Wilson I bought a 3 lb/1.36 kg box for $3.49 a few weeks ago.

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            Just saw it my local Metro(Y&E) for $3.49..

          2. i have a question, is that your picture of it and if so where did you get that salt cellar from?