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Jan 15, 2012 04:01 PM
Discussion night trucks,crepes and oysters

Yesterday early we decided to head down to swap vehichles with daughter #1.This little trip was going to be on the cheap,subsisting on bar food and a wonderful free hotel breakfast,but there were unexpected high spots.

Apon rolling into town,daughter informed that she and a couple of friends were heading to a food truck "rodeo" in Mt Pleasant.It turned out rather neat.We tried Geechee Island,Creole and Pot Kettle Black.It must have been first come-first serve.I watched the Ipswich clam truck circle twice an leave.I almost shed a tear.

This morning we avoided the hotel breakfast and headed downtown to try to find Queen Street Grocery.I'd heard they made good crepes.We found it stuck out in a Neighborhood tourists never see,old and funky for sure.Places like this walk that fine line between authentic and decrepit.I'm not sure which side they were on,but we had a great experience with interesting and well done crepes.The pressed sanwich menu looked great also.The was a real asheville vibe about this place.

Heading back home this afternoon We looked for a new seafood market in Summerville.The owner was the brains behind the now defunct Stella Maris Seafood.I'd heard good things about stump Sound oyster so I grabbed three dozon singles and two whole flounder.About an hour ago I popped six oysters.I should have got a bushell.

So,if you are within any reasonable driving distance,just pick up and go.Hotwire is your friend.

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  1. I was at the rodeo too. Giddyup. Too bad about Ipswich. There was a truck with nothing going on at the far end. We went early though, so maybe they got started late.

    Which was your favorite? I really love Carolina Creole and the Geechee ladies. Diggity Donuts looked great but the line was too long. Nice day for it.

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    1. re: Sue in Mt P

      The creole truck was tops for me.Daughters friends loaded up there and I got to try just about everything.It was a bummer that Geechee Island,s fryer was down so I missed a favorite humble delicasy...a fried whiting sandwich.

      Daughter waited at least 30 min at the doughnut truck.Being vegan at a food truck event sure limits your options!

      1. re: mollybelle

        I THINK I'm right when I say the creole truck is next to Publix in Mt P on Fridays, if you're ever around. I got an oyster po' boy there a couple of weeks ago that was the best ever. And I have been to Louisiana.