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Jan 15, 2012 03:37 PM

Pearl at Bayview Village

There may already be a thread about this but I was wondering how it is doing. Is the food good? Is it similar to the Pink Pearl downtown? I want to try it but haven't had the chance to.

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  1. I went this weekend for dimsum as I was avoiding the CNY rush/red envelop distribution at my usual spots. The dimsum menu is surprisingly large and the quality was not bad. I wonder if all the dimsum is made in house or shipped over from the sister restaurant to be reheated. We got the siu mai, beef siu mai, chicken feet, mixed veggie rice noodle roll, friend chicken wings, stuffed fried eggplant and a chicken chow mein. The rice noodle roll was surprisingly thin and had a good slippery feel to it, though i think it might have been microwaved rather than freshly rolled. I also got a peak of the har gow and notice that the skin looked grainy and not as translucent. It was also a little strange eating with a large plate and to have a fork along with my chopsticks rather than a spoon, but service was fine and prices were not too bad. We had 4 people and paid $60 including tax and tip. I would go back. Also, you can ask for a fortune cookie with your bill (standard if you are non-Asian), which I enjoy.

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    1. re: eco987

      Has anyone been to Pearl in Bayview Village in the last month? Are there any dishes on the dinner menu that you'd recommend?

      Thanks for any comments!

      1. re: prima

        I went for Dim Sum last Sunday morning and would not recommend it. Cheung Fun (forgive any misspelling) and Har Gow were disappointing. Both the Shrimp and Beef CF were thick and mushy with very little sauce, Har Gow wrapping was thick, chewy and rubbery. Taro croquettes were bland, char siu bau had very little filling and was dry. On the upside, an order of green beans/garlic was quite tasty and the order of sliced bbq pork was quite good if you prefer a leaner cut. We also had the crab claw which was very good - my only complaint was that it was served with Worcestershire sauce, not red vinegar.

        I'm very forgiving if my food isn't piping hot when ordering from a cart but when it's prepared to order I expect it to arrive hot and, for the most part, everything was lukewarmish.

        The service was quite good, attentive and warm. I don't know how much the bill was so I can't comment on that but given the location and table settings I would imagine it was on the pricey side. I'll stick to my 'go to' for dim sum - Sam Woo Seafood.

        1. re: katdog

          I have been several times and on each occasion have been very pleased. Everything was piping hot, in fact we all remarked on this !

          The sticky rice was the best we've ever had, as was the Har Gow.

          It may have been a "one off" that you experienced.

          1. re: Helen

            I stopped by Pearl and got some take-out dim sum today, because the restaurant was full and I was hungry.

            Within 10 minutes, my order was ready. Piping hot spinach & shrimp dumplings, and decent veggie cheung fun, containing at least 3 types of mushroom. What I ordered hit the spot. While the prices are on the high side compared to dim sum in other parts of the GTA ($5.50 for 3 5 inch cheung fun, $5.50 for 4 spinach shrimp dumplings, which were stuffed with shrimp), it saved me the drive to Markham or Chinatown, which would have cost me $6 in subway tokens, and a half hour drive or subway ride in each direction. What I ordered took care of my craving.

            If I'm hungry at Bayview Village, I'd much rather spend $11 at Pearl than spend $11 at South St burger.

            Take-out orders get 10% off.

            1. re: prima

              prima, there's a Groupon for Pearl if you're into that. Just thought I'd share:


              1. re: prima

                Similar thoughts. I love Pearl Harbourfront and If I don't want to make the trip down its a passable alternative. Not quite as good but a lot closer and a good option fro the area

              2. re: Helen

                must agree with Helen
                Best sticky rice ever in Toronto
                Loved the steamed Bean Curd rolls as well.
                In fact, liked everything we ordered each time.
                have been half a dozen times and have been pleased with the Dim Sum.
                The Dinner menu is very limited but quite decent .
                Far better than anything else within a reasonable drive, but not in the category of Yangs, Emperor, etc..

        2. For fans of this restaurant, Groupon has a $20 for $40 deal here (only 1 day left).

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          1. re: TOFoodie1

            O_O Over a thousand bought. OMG.

            1. re: jlunar

              =) I am one of those thosand people.

              Going there tonight. I been to the harbourfront location many times, but have yet to try out the Bayview Village location.

              What dish is recommended at this location?

              1. re: Lovemomoe

                So how was dinner? I have a groupon and thinking of treating my Mom for her (she won't mind... we're a family of frugals!!)

                Or should we do dim sum instead??

                1. re: dameems

                  I just wrote a review on chowhound. The title is "Abomination At Bayview." That should give you the drift.

                  1. re: evansl

                    OK, too bad so sad for evansl. At least you didn't have to pay!

                    Would love to hear from the rest of chowhound on dinner at Pearl Bayview Village... sounds like the menu is pretty small....

                    But they like it ok over on yelp:

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. Where else?

              Booked Pearl Bayview for dinner with out of town guests due to its ideal location, but now hesitant because of the highly mixed reviews. What do you recommend instead in that neighbourhood in that class or slightly lower?

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              1. re: derekw

                Pearl is fine. Mall dining doesn't get much better than that. Edo (newly opened at BV ), Origin North or O&B Cafe are other decent options at BV.

                If you want better Chinese food, Casa Victoria on Steeles isn't too far away.

                1. re: prima

                  I think Prima is referring to Casa Imperial on Steeles, @ Warden. Its sister restaurant, Casa Victoria is further north (Warden & Hwy 7). Both are above average Chinese restaurants.

                  1. re: T Long

                    Thanks for the correction, T Long.That's actually the only casa I have visited- forgot that it was Casa Imperial. :)

                  2. re: prima

                    Any nice Chinese restaurant closer to Yonge and 401? Casa Imperial is a bit far, Pearl at Bayview would have been ideal if not for the mixed reviews.

                    1. re: derekw

                      Nope, there's no Chinese restaurant better than Pearl that's close to Yonge and the 401. Even the best Chinese restaurants in Richmond Hill have mixed reviews on this Board.

                      Kwan is probably the best Chinese restaurant on Yonge between St Clair and the 401, if that's an option.

                      For cheap and cheerful, Congee Queen at Centrepoint Mall at Yonge and Steeles is fairly convenient to Yonge and the 401, but Pearl is more upscale, and probably uses better quality ingredients.

                      Which dishes do you want to order? That might help other Chowhounds give you more suggestions.

                      1. re: prima

                        All things considered, I will brave Pearl and hope for the best! Thanks for your replies.

                        1. re: derekw

                          So we had our special lunch at Pearl. Food, service, interior, price are all great! We had a specially put together 7 course lunch set for the 10 of us. All courses range from very good to excellent. There were no average course! I'd say the food is on par with Dynasty, Crown Princess, old Lai Wah Heen (haven't been in recent years), or very close to them. Perfect for what we needed: Presentable and comfortable for our out of town guests, nice cooking using good ingredients, attentive but unobtrusive service.

                        2. re: prima

                          When we used to live near Yonge and Sheppard there was a little Chinese place at Yonge and Avondale in the bottom part of the 'plaza' that was quite good. Since then it has changed ownership and cannot comment on the quality.