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Jan 15, 2012 03:36 PM

Looking for vinegar at good prices

I am looking for a thick vinegar (think sludge) for drizzling on fruits and vegetables but don't want to pay an arm and a leg.
I live in Contra Costa county but am in Oakland/Berkeley all the time. Recommendations?

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  1. You mean balsamic? The stuff they sell at Costco is good and the cheapest I've seen. If you want it thicker, you could boil it down.

    1. Rainbow Grocery carries a Turkish mulberry vinegar that is somewhat thick like a moderately aged balsamic, but not as expensive as the comparable balsamic. It isn't beautifully complex like the real thing, but I like it for the moderate price and clear fruity flavor.

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        I went to Rainbow for the Turkish mulberry vinegar. It is out of stock. Such a disappointment! The helpful Rainbow worker said it has been out of stock for 2-3 months. She will call me when/if it comes back. I'll post here with news. Thanks Steve G for sharing about this vinegar!

        1. re: elise h

          I think I saw that stuff at the Oregon St. Berkeley Bowl the other day.