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Jan 15, 2012 03:36 PM

need some recs please.. or where to look on here..

Hi we are staying with friends at the Keirland Westin in March.. I am looking for 3 nights for dinner, probably around $25.00 per person .not including wine.. love southwest, Italian, something new. something old and night could even be a burger or taco place.. and then one night for the hubby and myself something really great.. More expensive... thanks!!

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  1. do you have a car and if so how far are you willing to drive?

    If you do I would probably suggest

    Italian - cuocco pazzo

    Southwest - cowboy ciao / rokerji / Carlsbad Tavern

    Burger - Delux

    Delux will get the avg price of your dinners down to splurge at the other two or if you go with carlsbad and delux then you can really go for it on Italian

    If you need to stay just in the kierland area then none of those work