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Jan 15, 2012 03:32 PM

Calgary Cocktail Reception?

Looking for recommendations for a wedding reception location - 90-110 people max.
Wanting to have a cocktail party with lots of horduerves offered rather than a sit down dinner.
Any suggestions?

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  1. West. I've been to a few cocktail events there. One event the food was quite good with a really nice huge cheese board, at the other event it was so-so.

    I've also been to one at Hotel Arts - Raw Bar, the food was incredible there.

    1. I'd suggest Hotel Arts or Vin Room (might not be able to accomodate 90 people though... worth calling to find out)

      1. Divino's up stairs room is big, I was there for a reception a while ago the food was great.

        1. The downstairs of Trib may suit you. Been to a company cocktail party down there a couple years ago and was very nice.

          Also, was at a wedding at the Ranche that was a cocktail only reception and it was also great.

          1. The Opera Room at Teatro might be able to fit that many if it's cocktail instead of a full dinner. Food is always amazing there.