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Fresh Green Peas - favorite ways to cook or include them?

We are still getting wonderful bags of fresh green peas. I love them. I was curious how other people love to cook them or use them. Thanks!

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  1. Simplest is best for me. Quick boil, with a sprig of mint if it's still growing outside (a few months yet till it starts again)

    1. Simply sauteed in a bit of butter; a sprinkling of kosher salt & pepper

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        And a little bit of fresh tarragon ...

      2. I love pea puree with lots of butter and cream, and I love them barely steamed and finished off w/ a splash of heavy cream. Mmmmmm, fresh green pea soup is delicious. And you can make a layered salad, or eggs Foo Yong w/ a handful thrown in, yum.

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          +1 on fresh pea soup. I've made a version with lemon cream clouds (heavy cream, lemon zest, salt) that melt into the soup. Fresh, bright and yummy!

          And thank you for making me go look for the recipe. I found my "Hey, Bobby!" version of "Pass the Peas" I'd been looking for while I was there. :)

          This Food & Wine recipe is a favorite of mine, too. I've added pancetta--and lemon zest is another fine addition, as I learned here on CH:

        2. Half-and-half with cooked rice, generously sprinkled with grated Parmesan cheese.

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            +1 vote for peas and rice, one of my all-time favorites! I enjoy them with a small pat of good cultured unsalted butter and a sprinkle of Herbamare.

          2. I really love the combination of peas with rice (I like brown rice too) and peas with pasta and a butter or olive oil based sauce. Whether I have the peas fresh or frozen, I usually add them at the end, almost as if they were an herb or a garnish, and the last bits of heat or residual cooking heats them through just right and keeps them bright and fresh.

            1. Bacon and pea risotto. Cook the bacon in a pot, remove to paper towels, drain some of the grease and start risotto from there (with a little garlic and onion.) Stir in peas with parm and add crumbled bacon at the last minute.

              Bacon and peas work will with a reduced cream sauce (and a little garlic) for spaghetti.

              1. Sautéed with lots of ginger.

                1. I had a dish last spring at EVO in Charleston, SC. As best I remember, it was pickled (marinated maybe) red onions sliced very thin and chopped, feta cheese, green peas and some pea shoots on top. Seems there was lemon involved somehow, but I can't remember exactly. It was one of those dishes that was so much greater than the sum of it's parts. It tasted like spring. Where the heck do you live?

                  1. Quickly blanched, and then tossed with a soy, wasabi, ginger and garlic marinade.

                    1. With cream and potatoes; with pasta and prosciutto in a cream sauce; in risotto (mine's not great but my kids don't know that)

                      1. Gosh I just eat pick them off the plant and pop them in my mouth. They are great raw.