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Jan 15, 2012 02:42 PM

Birthday dinner!

I need to find a place to suit several pallets... My mother is a vegetarian, my brother won't eat anything fried or anything with corn in it (or really anything else gmo'd), my grandmother has acid reflux, and my boyfriend tends to want things like buffalo wings and hot dogs. We're going out for my birthday next Sunday and I need to pick something that all of us will like!
I tend to like restaurants that are nicer, I love south congress cafe and fabi and rosi is always a solid choice for me. I've read good things about Wink, but since there will be 5 or 6 of us price is unfortunately an issue, and ~$25 a plate is a little too high.
Any ideas??

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  1. Do you like Asian food?

    Chinatown off MoPac has a nice menu and prices aren't too high. Mom could certainly find vege choices, grandmother could go witha mild fish dish, boyfriend can get chicken wings and fried wontons type of food, bbq spareribs, etc...

    Just a thought since you are trying to please so many different tastes and Chinese can usually please most people. P.F. Chang's fits in there too. Good luck and Happy Birthday.

    1. Eastside Cafe would work well, especially for your mother and brother.