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Jan 15, 2012 02:09 PM

Brisket at famous daves

I have never been to Famous Daves and have never eaten Texas style smoked brisket outside of Texas. Is Famous Daves brisket any good? Can I order a mix of burnt ends in with the meat? I am having a craving and don't want to be disappointed.

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  1. Daves is a chain.
    It's not bad, but it id not real BBQ and I doubt any one from Texas will acknowledge it as being real BBQ!

    1. You do not want to order brisket at Famous Dave's if you want Texas brisket. If you ask for burnt ends, the server will have no clue what you are talking about. I'm saving you from disappointment based on my own experience- you can thank me later. ;)

      1. I've eaten at Famous Daves multiple times, but I can't even remember if I've ever had the brisket, so take from that what you will.

        The rib tips are very good though, and a great deal. The smoked wings are a winner, and the catfish fingers are also pretty tasty.

        1. I'm hardly a brisket expert, to me BBQ means pork LOL But I actually like Famous Daves as far as restaurant fare goes and I rarely eat BBQ out because our homemade is perfect to me.

          1. I had the brisket at Famous Dave's a few weeks ago. It had some indicia of smoke but it was very very soft. No resemblance to burnt ends whatsoever. Not bad but just not what you're looking for.