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Jan 15, 2012 02:02 PM

Looking for Haggis ingredients and recipes

Anyone know where I can find lamb hearts, livers, and possibly lungs? I heard maybe some Korean butchers. Also any haggis recipes/instructions would be appreciated.


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  1. Jordan Market on Westwood Blvd has lamb liver and hearts but I think that someone told me that the Health Dept won't allow the sale of lungs or lights as its called in Scotland. Epicurious has a receipe for Haggis.

    1. Just a quick request that if you have a recipe or tips on making haggis for the original poster that you start a thread on the Home Cooking board and leave a link to it in this thread. Thanks!

      1. Indian or Middle Eastern shops are more likely to have lamb offal - though as noted lung is not sold for human consumption in the USA. Korean or Chinese would be good for pig offal, including a pig stomach.

        1. Here were all the returns I got over on the Home Cooking board for the past 12 months when I simply plugged in "haggis" as my search term:

          You would do well to put up your recipe request over there (Home Cooking) or add a post to one of the existing threads that came up on the search returns if they look like good prospects for you.