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Jan 15, 2012 01:32 PM

Breakfast in Palm Springs (Ca)

Any suggestions for good breakfast in Palm Springs? not rally interested in the big brunch type options. Thanks

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  1. Cheeky's - best I've had in the area by far:

    1. Sherman's Deli and Bakery is really good. 401 E Tahquitz Canyon Way, Palm Springs
      It is a Jewish Deli, but they have an extensive menu with many great options.
      And, though you said you weren't really interested in a big brunch (and some people don't like buffets) The Oasis Buffet inside the Spa Resort and Casino ( 401 E Amado Rd Palm Springs ) is really good quality, fresh, kinda fancy and pretty good price, Only drwaback ther is that breakfast service ends at 10:30 am

      1. I personally prefer the Brunch buffet at the Fantasy Springs Casino...also the Aqua Caliente Casino has a great brunch. I live in Palm Springs...prefer both of these to the Spa--altho, it is not bad; just not (IMHO) quite as good as the other two.

        1. Cheekys, definitely. Never get tired of this place...rotating menu, fresh produce, nice kids working there. Even their steal-cut oatmeal is delicious.

          I used to love Norma's...but the prices have gone up and up....